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I’m a former ABC Television producer with more than 30 years’ experience coaching and producing on-air talent and senior executives at Good Morning America, ABC News and at Fortune 500 companies. With a deep understanding of how to hold and engage an audience, I coach industry leaders and business executives on how to “rock the room” and speak (live or on camera) with engaging and compelling delivery. I focus on intention, clarity, executive/leadership presence, and concise/effective communication. I work with each client according to his/her individual style and as some put it, I get in the trenches with you, so you know how to talk to your audience with confidence and authenticity. Instead of coaching, I call it “producing” because each individual, or group, learns best through customized instruction and rehearsal. Although my work brings a great amount of personalization to the process, I also center the producing around 10 basic “rules” of engagement that become the basis of the learning. In many cases, I also edit speeches and PowerPoint presentations. I rehearse clients prior to live performances or sales presentations. I teach how to moderate or serve on a panel. As a producer, I do not advocate video- taping. I believe it restricts performance. The overarching focus of the work for every individual is "how do you make your audience feel?" and how will they remember what you said?"

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My coaching program can be customized to cover many aspects of coaching, from one-on-one work to small groups, to mid-sized teams or for larger audiences. The most effective engagement for senior leaders or business professionals begins as a two-hour program.

To kick-start the work, I encourage clients to work with movie scripts, play books, and their own individual written or presentation material. The overall methodology is called "Crossing the Footlights" which teaches each individual to become acutely aware of his/her audiences' reactions, signals, mindset, attention capacity, and engagement.

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Amy Kopelan has over 30 years' experience as an ABC Television executive and independent producer. Amy is the co-author of I Didn't See It Coming, the "Bible" that teaches business professionals how to avoid being blindsided in business. She has been featured on FOX and Friends, Business Week Online, On the Money, in CEO Magazine, Business Week, Chief Learning Officer Magazine, and CNN.com.

In 2009, Amy developed and launched several coaching and professional development programs under the banner of "Producing Your Career" and "You're On the Air" in order to teach business professionals how to take more control of their careers, their leadership presence and their communication, live or virtual.

She keynotes at major leadership conferences and is a guest professor at The Institute for Career Advancement Needs. She is a member of the International Women's Forum, and sits on the Boards of Legal Momentum and Schools That Can.

Amy has worked with clients such as: Bank of Montreal, Deutsche Bank, The Estée Lauder Companies, Hertz, State Farm Insurance, Lincoln Financial, Institute for Career Advancement Needs,  Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska, Newscorp, UBS, plus numerous authors and senior executives.

Amy holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Boston University and a special studies degree from the University of Grenoble, France.

1. A young but ambitious leader at the Nike Foundation was asked to give a speech at the annual ICAN Conference in Omaha, Nebraska. His subject was the “Adolescent Girls Initiative.” I was hired to be onsite for two days, pre-conference, to prep all the speakers. On day one, young “Mr. Nike” was taking the stage to rehearse and his team of PR writers was standing by to listen. So was I. He began rehearsing a 15-minute speech that I could immediately see was going to be too long, too dense with numbers and information, and too difficult for anyone to understand. As a producer, I can tell when someone is going to “lose their audience” and he was at risk. I stopped him because we needed a remedy. I asked for the PR team to assemble on stage. I gave edits for the entire speech. I reorganized his slides. We gave new cues to the program director. And he re-rehearsed his newly-created speech that evening with me. The outcome, as far as Nike was concerned, was a success. When he finished his formal presentation at the conference, he got a standing ovation (first time ever!) and the Foundation received more pledges that day than at any other conference he attended.

2. One of Fortune Magazine’s top female journalists was asked to moderate a panel at The Aspen Institute. Thrilled to be asked, but aware that she had never moderated at a large public venue before, she asked to meet with me for four consecutive sessions (over a two-week period) so she could role play as moderator and perfect her skills before heading to Aspen. As we began rehearsing, she soon realized that she was bland, her questions were not provocative, and she was uncomfortable jumping In to “cut off” any of her panelists if they veered off course. I re-wrote most of her questions, brought in “actors” who could role play the panel with her, and gave her the courage to assert herself when required with intelligent, inquisitive commentary. When she returned from Aspen, she called to say that her Senior Editor told her she “rocked” and he would be asking her to moderate at their next symposium. She had “jumped her talents” and her reputation as a skilled moderator.

3. I was recently asked to come onsite to work with a VP of Compliance at a Fortune 500 healthcare company in the Northeast. The challenge for this executive was not style or content, but arrogance. He was smart, but he made others uncomfortable at Board meetings and rumor had it that he might lose his position because he didn’t know how to manage up. The COO asked me to meet with the VP and assess if the behavior and presentation could change. At the heart of it, the company wanted to keep him because of his strong organizational knowledge and his compliance expertise. Three months later, the VP was promoted. We had met every other week for three months to work on delivery, tone, language, attitude, compassion, charm, and the ability to make others feel at ease. Most of all, he needed to gain trust. He worked hard enough to make that happen very successfully.

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Extremely engaging

Senior executive, UBS

Amy, you were an excellent ‘producer’, extremely engaging and really evoked emotions! Many of the attendants (and myself) felt the session was engaging, thought provoking and very useful both personally and professionally. It was one of the few sessions that I have attended in a long while that really ‘sparked’ something for me. I was moved and motivated! Thank you so much!

No-nonsense approach

Sherry Hecht Leonard, Attorney

Amy Kopelan has a genuine, no-nonsense, approach to improve her clients writing, public speaking, and brand awareness QUICKLY. In a few sessions with Amy I learned more than I did in any seminar, professional development course, or writing class. I cannot recommend her services enough!

A tremendous help

EVP, NYC Financial Services Group,

After I worked with you, my CEO said my presentation was stronger than it had ever been. When can we schedule our next rehearsal?"

Helped me own the stage

Senior HR Executive for 21st Century Fox

I owned the stage after working with you, Amy! I was actually funny!

A steady hand

Glenn Pomerantz, Chief Medical Officer

When people talk about the movie "The King's Speech, and what Lionel Logue did for King George VI, I simply reply, "You have not met Amy Kopelan." It was a comfortable and successful evening and your steady hand made it so.