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Anita Attridge

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As a Certified Career and Executive Coach, I enjoy providing insightful and supportive coaching to leaders in job transition and leaders who want to increase their leadership, influence and change management skills. When coaching you about your Career or Job Transition, I use proven career strategies and techniques to help you clarify your career and job search goals and...to be able to successfully manage a job search in today's competitive marketplace. As Your Executive Coach, we clarify your development strategies in the context of your organization's culture which results in increasing your leadership skills and your influence within the organization.

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Working collaboratively with you, we focus on every aspect of career search internally and/or externally Establish your career and job search goals: Clearly and define your goals and targets using assessments. Develop compelling job search marketing materials: Ensure that your resume, “pitch” and LinkedIn Profile differentiate you from your competition.

Define how you will proactively manage your search: Strategically use techniques to gain visibility and position yourself for potential job opportunities. Interview with confidence and strategically follow-up: Learn about your “real role” in the interview to effectively plan, manage and follow-up after an interview. Skillfully negotiate the job and compensation package: Understand when salary negotiations actually begin and how to conduct win-win salary negotiations.


As your executive coach, we collaborate to increase your ability to: Successfully manage the first 90 days in a new leadership position: Develop, implement and monitor a 90 day plan that focuses on results, relationships and culture. Proactively influence others to achieve your business goals: Influencing techniques to build, increase or repair critical working relationships.

Communicate change simply and powerfully: Strategies to communicate organization and technology changes that gain employee buy-in. Navigate the organization’s culture to obtain results. Techniques to understand the organization’s culture and how to use it to obtain your organization results. Engage and mobilize your employees: Define leadership actions to maximize employee and organization performance.

Career Coaching


Prepare for what’s next

  • Managing transitions
  • Find your passion
  • Know your strengths
  • Discuss career options
  • Change industries/job functions

Job Search

Land your dream job

  • Resume/LinkedIn/cover letter
  • Job search execution
  • Target companies/industries
  • Interviewing preparation
  • Networking
  • Compensation

Build Your Skills

Be the best at what you do

  • Leadership skills
  • Communications
  • What it takes to get promoted
  • Managing large teams
  • First time manager
  • Presentation skills
  • How to run a meeting
Executive Coaching

Grow Your Business

Get to the next level of success

  • CEOs/C-level
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Family Business
  • Start-ups

Anita is a certified career and executive coach with 30 years of Human Resources Corporate and Non-Profit experience. In her 20 years with Xerox, she was a Division HR Executive, Director, US Field Management and Quality training and the Director, IT US Field Operations where she successfully managed a 3 year field IT change initiative impacting over 100 IT employees.

She joined The Nature Conservancy as VP, HR and transitioned the HR organization from an administrative function to a full service HR function and introduced management and leadership training. She joined Merck, Inc. as Director, Organization Development. As an Internal OD Consultant, she worked with executives in the US and Internationally to design and implement new organization strategies that repositioned their organizations for the future, coached executives and other leaders to successfully manage the transition and designed organization structures that supported the new strategy. One international project involved working with the IT organization in Europe to clarify European Corporate and Country responsibilities resulting in increased collaboration and productivity.

As a Certified Career and Executive coach she works with leaders in mid-year career transitions, and with leaders who want to increases their leadership, organization and cultural navigation skills. In addition to her Career and Executive Caching certifications, she received a certificate from the 3 month Program for Management Development at Harvard and a MS in Organization Development and Adult Education form the University of Rochester.


Client challenge: On boarding and managing a marketing position in a law firm: The client joined a law firm where he was the new Marketing Director. He held this type of position previously with another law firm and was not successful. We developed his onboarding strategy which he successfully implemented and agreed on the areas that he needed to work on to be successful in this position. Much of his development focused on how to navigate the organization culture, build strong relationships with the key influencers and manage the dynamics with his boss who is less proactive than he. He has been in the job a year and is receiving good feedback from his boss and key influencers. We are continuing to work together as he begins to introduce a new marketing process into the firm.

Client challenge: The VP, IT was having difficulty working with his boss and peers. After a 360 assessment, we identified key issues that were impacting his work. All agreed that technically he was outstanding; however, most felt he did not understand their business needs and that requests for changes were met with resistance. The President, to whom he reported, felt like his IT priorities weren’t being met in the way he would like and that the client was having ‘issues” with some of his peers. We clarified what the president’s expectations were. This resulted in the client developing a summary of IT initiatives, high level vs. too much detail, and working with his colleagues to gain agreement on project milestones and completion dates. We assessed the relationship with each of his colleagues and developed action plans to build his relationship with them. Feedback from the President is positive about his requirements being met and feedback from his colleagues has improved. Perceived responsiveness and understanding of the business has also improved.

Client challenge: The client wanted to transition from her position as Director, Data and Science Platform in a start up to a technical position in healthcare. She did not have previous experience in healthcare. We worked together to identify how her previous technical positions would support a technology position in healthcare and developed healthcare focused marketing materials; bio, LinkedIn profile and pitch. Using networking and direct contact strategies, she was ultimately interviewing with four different healthcare organizations at the same time. She received an offer from the healthcare company of most interest to her and is now their Technical Director.

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Cannot recommend highly enough

Legal Marketing Manager

I cannot recommend Anita highly enough. She has a wonderful talent for actually hearing what you are really trying to say. She has plenty of experience, which enables her to quickly understand and analyze different situations. Anita always makes herself available to discuss situations as they arise – considering how quickly career directions change, this is enormously valuable. Without interfering, she has allowed me to discover for myself the appropriate path I should take. Most importantly, Anita has helped me develop habits, which I hone daily, that will serve me well in whatever direction I decide to turn. That sort of guidance is priceless.

Invaluable resource


As a person who changed careers -- field, position, and geographic location all at the same time -- I was fortunate to have Anita in my corner. She supported my year-long process, encouraged me when I was doubtful, and gently guided me back to basics whenever I got off-track. And her experience as an HR professional was invaluable to me during salary negotiations. Anita always responded to my messages and concerns right away, and when I got the job of my dreams, I think she was more excited than I was! Thanks, Anita.

Serenity and strength


Serenity and strength is probably the best way to describe Anita.I had the chance to work with her during an intensive coaching session for executives and she really impressed me by her capability to listen. Anita was able with just one question or one word to move a complete team in another direction... the right one! I absolutely recommend Anita Attridge for any executives that would like a discreet wise advisor that do not look for the spotlight but for the right light. A true tranquil force!