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Ann Parks

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Ann is a former Fortune 500 senior executive who is currently an executive coach and leadership consultant. She applies her blue-chip business background to coach leaders and managers on how to perform at their highest potential. Ann believes that business professionals can leverage their natural talents and personality for success by using principles of clear communication, effective collaboration, enhanced relationships, active listening and compassionate leadership. These natural talents are identified through 360 interviews and an assortment of self-assessments such as Hogan, WorkPlace Big Five, Emotional Intelligence (EQi 2.0), and Myers Briggs.

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Ann is an executive coach who partners with clients to increase self-awareness and promote overall success in their careers. She uses a number of tools to enhance the coaching process including: self-assessments (EQi, Hogan, Workplace Big Five, MBTI), 360 feedback, performance reviews, and one-on-one conversations. Engagements can be as short as one month or more typically between three and six months.

Ann enjoys working with clients who are striving to reach the next level be it CEO, Partner, SVP or VP.

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Ann began her career as an Institutional Fixed Income sales person, and for 10+ years specialized in selling high grade debt for Merrill Lynch. Ann’s passion for developing talent led her to a subsequent career leading the Learning and Development (L&D) divisions of JPMorgan, Citigroup and Lehman Brothers. Ann understands the challenges of heading geographically dispersed teams, managing complex technologies / systems, merging divisions and motivating staff to be highly effective.

In the span of five years, Ann merged the L&D divisions for three separate investment bank acquisitions: Salomon /Smith Barney, Salomon SmithBarney/Citibank and JPMorgan/Chase. Downsizing, restructuring and creating merger synergies enabled Ann to develop a keen insight into change management practices.

An additional area of expertise in Ann’s executive coaching practice is coaching high-potential women in highly competitive industries. Ann brings a unique perspective to these assignments due to her own previous success and familiarity with issues that affect women in the workplace.

Case Study 1

Global Management Consulting Organization

The Need
: How to move a greater number of women professionals onto the partner track. The client identified high potential women and provided them with an executive coach to partner with them through the advancement process.   Ann worked with these women to help examine their strengths and areas of opportunity, enhance their executive presence, build both internal and external networks, and create actionable development plans to move the process forward effectively.


Case Study 2:

Client: Financial Services Company

The Need: The organization hired a Director of Marketing to reinstitute a marketing effort after the firm had eliminated it during the economic downturn. This professional was new to the firm and was having trouble understanding and navigating the firm’s culture. Her direct supervisor determined an executive coach could help her to transition, and move forward, faster. Ann worked with the Director of Marketing to identify and appreciate the firm’s culture. They identified and prioritized senior, peer, and lower-level professionals that she should know and developed a strategy to build relationships with the firm’s cultural norms in mind. In addition, Ann and the director reviewed a number of change management techniques which enabled the implementation of the company’s new marketing strategy.

Result: The Director of Marketing overcame strong resistance to change and successfully created and implemented a new approach for marketing the firm. She proved the value of the marketing department, and within a short period of time garnered approval to expand staff. In a recent “town hall” meeting, the CEO remarked that the new marketing department was a critical asset for the firm’s future growth.

Case Study 3:

Client: Mid-sized Nonprofit

The Need: The Executive Director’s challenge was to align the organization to support the strategic priorities set by the Board while stabilizing the staff after a rash of departures and a decrease in funding. Working with Ann, the ED was able to divide and prioritize the goals according to management needs and Board initiatives. By delegating a number of management tasks (and promoting a second-in- command), the ED was able to shift her time from day-to-day management to fund- raising, where her impact was felt almost immediately.  

Result: A successful reorganization took place and staff was reenergized. The Executive Director, by freeing up her time, was able to increase donations by 20% during the economic downturn.

Case Study 4:

Client: Entertainment Conglomerate

The Need: The Director of Human Resources hired Ann to coach the Senior Director of US Sales because his boss had identified communication issues with the executive team. The issues, however, were extremely vague so, Ann conducted more than a dozen 360 information interviews which included the executive team, peers, direct reports and clients. The interviews were highly effective in isolating the communication issue that was causing the problem. The client implemented a plan that resulted in effective high-level strategic presentations and stronger one-on-one relationships with executive committee members. 

Result: One year later, Ann’s client was promoted.

Case Study 5:

Client: Healthcare Industry  

The Need: Ann was hired by the President to work with the Vice President of New Business. The VP was hired six months prior to the coaching engagement, to lead a change management initiative. One aspect of the initiative was to launch a new data system which necessitated new processes and procedures throughout the division. In short, he was doing away with 20 years of a highly tuned but patched set of systems. Working in partnership with Ann, the VP began to understand and embrace the culture while respecting the old systems that directly contributed to the company’s initial success place. He was then able to introduce the new systems. 

Result: The initiative not only had a successful rollout but, also deepened the VP’s relationship with staff and received public praise from the President.

Case Study 6:

Client: National Insurance Company

The Need: The insurance company identified an accountant, who managed three departments, as a high-potential. The Division Director wanted her to think more strategically, delegate nonessential responsibilities, and be more open minded in order to see things from multiple perspectives. Ann coached the client through her self-assessment, a 360 interview process including feedback, creation of a development plan and implementation of that plan.

Result: A self- assured professional who sees the big picture and adds value and perspective to all of her work.

Case Study 7:

Client: Real Estate Investment Trust

The Need: A publically-traded organization was in the process of managing an acquisition, changing healthcare plans and implementing a new custodial relationship for their 401K program. Ann’s client, the Director of Human Resources, was responsible for administrative oversight and internal communication of these three major initiatives. Her direct supervisor, the Chief Administrative Officer, requested she assume a role as the “face of change” for the firm. Ann utilized a 360 evaluation and various self-assessment tools to determine the HR director’s strengths and capabilities. Ann and the HR director tailored a development plan to identify key stakeholders, develop relationship skills, and effectively educate the firm’s employees concerning the changes at the company and the effect those changes would have on personnel.  

Result: The initiative not only had a successful rollout but also deepened the VP’s relationship with staff and received public praise from the President.

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Incredibly Positive and Illuminating

Senior Director Sales, Music Industry

“I’d like to express my sincere gratitude for your help…I found the insight and feedback to be incredibly positive and illuminating.”

Highly Recommended

President, Robinson Capital Corp.

“Ann Parks has an intuitive understanding of her Clients’ work environments. This helps her guide her clients to improve leadership skills and other key behaviors. I highly recommend her as an executive coach.”

Personal Energy and Genuine Interest

Global Applications Development Leader, DuPont

“I had the opportunity to work with Ann through both group and individual coaching as part of a Women’s Leadership initiative. Although each of us in our group had our own specific challenges and opportunities, Ann was able to quickly understand our individual situations and provide guidance and exercises that made a material difference in our abilities to understand ourselves better and more fully realize our potential. The tools and input Ann provided were invaluable, and more importantly, I feel her personal energy and genuine interest in us as people made the process very effective and rewarding.”