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Anne Moellering

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I'm an Executive Leadership & Career Coach with a 20 year background in business, an MBA from Stanford and professional coaching certifications from both the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) & Team Coaching International. In the work place, I coach both fast-track emerging leaders as well as seasoned senior executives in the realms of leadership, team management, growth and career development. I also help teams optimize their performance via facilitation and group coaching services. Additionally, I work with individuals looking to make significant career changes. I help my clients identify their core strengths & leverage their unique value systems to find careers where they'll succeed in terms of both performance & fulfillment.

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Leadership Coaching:  Partnering with high-achieving employees from young rising stars to key executives and C-team members to develop the critical skills necessary to lead organizations of excellence. 
Team Coaching:  Working with the members of an entire team in order to radically improve performance in terms of both productivity and positivity.  Coaching involves working with the team as a group as well as coaching individuals outside of the group environment.
Career Coaching:  Helping highly successful mid-career individuals define and build careers aligned with their core strengths, values and lives in order to achieve maximum fulfillment.
Workshop & Offsite Facilitation:  Designing and delivering high-value workshops and offsite meetings for business & leadership teams. Assignments can range from several hours to several days.
Career Coaching


Prepare for what’s next

  • Managing transitions
  • Find your passion
  • Know your strengths
  • Discuss career options
  • Change industries/job functions

Build Your Skills

Be the best at what you do

  • Leadership skills
  • Communications
  • What it takes to get promoted
  • Managing large teams
  • First time manager
  • Presentation skills
  • How to run a meeting

I began my career as a management consultant for Bain and Company. I moved into consumer marketing after receiving an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. I took on roles with increasing amounts of responsibility while working at various consumer tech and Internet companies in Silicon Valley.

My background ranges from being the Director of Marketing for video game giant Sega to Account Executive for Electronic Arts, VP of Marketing for Planet Out & Gay.com and CMO for TaskRabbit. I am well acquainted with the fast growth start-up world and thrive on innovation, change and the potency of agile, fast-moving teams.

As a coach, I combine years of feet-on-the-ground business experience with both natural and trained coaching abilities to help my clients achieve extraordinary results. I am based in San Francisco and when I am not coaching I can often be found surfing somewhere off the coast of Northern California.

Case Study 1: A highly educated attorney realized he wasn't inspired by the work he was doing in corporate law, despite his success and employment at an extremely prestigious firm. Through exploration and study of his top strengths, core personal values and "If I could not fail..." dreams, he realized he wants to one day run the MOMA. To get there, he first wanted to move into a more creative position at a company with an interesting product. He's now thriving in a marketing position for a fast-moving Bay Area tech firm where his role has already expanded twice in under a year.

Case Study 2: A successful, high-achieving management consultant wanted to move to a position where she could have a significant impact working on a major world problem that would fundamentally help people. The catch: she still wanted to be able to live comfortably in the San Francisco Bay Area. A person of many interests and two citizenships, her challenge was less around figuring out what to do next but around figuring out what not to do next. We worked on narrowing her "next thing" idea set to a handful of opportunities that would align with her lifestyle, geographical and ideological needs. She is now loving her lead role at a global retailer, helping people around the world earn living wages as part of her employer's ambitious sustainable supply chain efforts.

Case Study 3: The Principal of a leading independent school had recently stepped into her role and was looking to rally her leadership team ahead of a massive overhaul to the entire school's curriculum in under a year. Unfortunately, the same leadership team had seen no less than seven different Principals come and go over the previous eight years. During a two-day offsite, I worked with the entire team using a range of coaching techniques and assessments. Among our goals was: "nothing gets left unsaid". The group responded beautifully, working through tough conversations and producing an action plan which guides them to this day. As of this writing, they report being happily through the 1st stages of their massive project to overhaul their curriculum.

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Extremely talented coach.

Betsy Crouch, Founder ImprovHQ

"Anne Moellering is an extremely talented coach. I would recommend Anne to anybody looking to bring out the best in themselves. As a coach, she is creative, flexible, and easy to receive help from. If you are stuck or unclear, speak with Anne."

Took us to a new level.

Heather Rogers, Principal, Prospect Sierra Schools

"Anne Moellering took our team to an entirely different level of productivity. Before meeting with Anne our team was stuck in mediocrity. Post her facilitation, our team exploded with enthusiasm, intention, focus, and clarity around not only our mission but also our commitment to one another. Without Waveworks Coaching, we would still be floundering. Instead we're energized by our work and each other and we're actualizing our organization's dreams!"

Tremendously effective!

Shehzad Qazi, Project Manager, Charney Research

"Anne is a tremendously effective executive coach and a pleasure to work with. She’s a good listener with whom I could comfortably discuss my challenges. She helped me sharpen my problem-solving and communication skills, while helping me create a healthy work-life balance. Anne was always innovative in her approach, guiding me to solutions, and leaving me with actionable recommendations after each session."