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Bob Kantor

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I work with senior STEM executives from prominent multinational Fortune 100-type companies to redefine, redesign and redirect where they are going with their careers and their organizations, so that they significantly enhance their success. Ford, Disney, NYU, NCR, Direct Energy, SunTrust, Chevron, FirstData, Unilever, BP, Aetna, WellPoint, Western Union, ConocoPhillips, PayPal, and GlaxoSmithKline.

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One of my specialties is helping strong functional executives change how they lead, in order to address promotion, reorganization, strategic market shifts, and corporate expansion and growth. With most of these environmental changes, the leadership practices that got us where we are will not take us and our organizations where we need to go.

Very often we need to reduce our emphasis on our functional expertise, and shift our skills to inspiring and enabling our teams and other leaders to take on new challenges, and deliver highly ambitious results.

STEM professionals in particular, often earn leadership roles based upon their technical competence and achievements, and then find themselves struggling with the critical transition from managing work to inspiring people to peak performance.

What We Do Together

I’m a proven practical problem solver. I’ve done that for companies like yours and with people like you. My clients are all experiencing overwhelm from today’s volatile environment, including ever-compressed timelines, budget constraints, higher customer and Board expectations, and work/life balance challenges. These conditions are often out of our direct control. However, our response and approach to those conditions are completely in our control, and give us tremendous leverage to drive business results. There are always better approaches to manage and lead our way through these shifting conditions.

My work is dedicated to helping you create those better ways, and to sharing my knowledge and experience with you. We apply my proprietary Simple Leadership Life CycleTM, with its proven leadership processes, tools and techniques, to amplify your effectiveness and simplify how you engage people around you. These include, Managing your intent, Prioritizing your attention, Delegating to develop your team, Creating conditions of accountability, Managing performance, and Communicating for results.

A Few Additional Details

We work mainly via phone conversations, along with an occasional email exchange. Depending on your needs and preferences, we can talk every other week for about 45 minutes each time, or three times a month for about 30 minutes each time. We identify measurable performance improvements for us to achieve. We identify actions you decide to take in-between our conversations. We review your progress and tweak your approach from conversation to conversation. We hold each other accountable for our progress and success. If you’re not thrilled with my contribution, you tell me and I step up my game. If I’m not thrilled with your contribution, the same rule applies. We are both committed to speak the truth as we understand it, to be accountable for our collaboration, to expect the best of each other, and to improve your effectiveness as a senior leader, in terms that you define.

I invite you to talk with me directly about how we would work together, so you can decide if I’m the right executive coach for you.

Career Coaching


Prepare for what’s next

  • Managing transitions
  • Find your passion
  • Know your strengths
  • Discuss career options
  • Change industries/job functions

Build Your Skills

Be the best at what you do

  • Leadership skills
  • Communications
  • What it takes to get promoted
  • Managing large teams
  • First time manager
  • Presentation skills
  • How to run a meeting

I bring 25 years of my own business leadership experience to our work, including ten years as an Executive Director at KPMG and five years as a Director at Lotus Development Corporation. I also draw on 28 years of parenting experience and find, along with my clients, that there is more cross-over than we might expect.

I believe that great leadership is about doing a few simple things well, which is reflected in my Simple Leadership Life Cycle(TM) process, and in my related book, “Shatter Your Leadership Limits – Better Results in Less Time with Less Stress.”

My leadership mantras are equally simple. First, that it’s not enough to be right, we also have to be helpful. Second, that while we can’t change other people, that as we change ourselves we change our relationships. From these two simple ideas, breakthrough shifts in beliefs, framing, and engagement processes readily occur. Those breakthroughs enable quantum leaps in our leadership performance, and in the performance of the organizations we lead.

• Provided CIO mentoring and executive coaching to senior IT leaders at over two dozen member companies of the CIO Executive Council. Clients enhanced performance in cross-organizational collaboration, strategic leadership, team performance, and engagement with business partners.

• Delivered leadership development coaching to over 200 IT managers in a culturally diverse $7B global financial services company. Clients reported significant improvements in prioritization, time management, delegation, communication, team effectiveness, performance management, and key stakeholder relationships.

• Developed new governance and business stakeholder engagement processes, including management tools, methodologies, and business processes, for a $250M steel company. Improved management of the IT investment portfolio increased ROI to the business.

• Created governance processes and IT strategy to implement a new integrated IT growth platform for a $65M electronic cable fabricator.

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A tremendous help

Gerry H.

There is a saying 'when the student is ready, the teacher will come'. I began working with Bob during a time in my life when I was addressing a number of career challenges. As my executive coach, Bob helped bring clarity to my leadership development opportunities and gave me strong support in identifying and taking effective action to address them. He helped to re-explore and re-kindle both leadership and general life skills I've learned in the past but underutilized. As a result of our work together, I’ve improved my ability to engage and influence a diverse stakeholder community, and gained better appreciation of my strengths. As a senior IT-Business leader, that provides a measurable improvement in my effectiveness.


Wendy B.

Ever wonder why some companies find success? I believe that it is because they have access to people like Bob Kantor. Bob brings to the table a wealth of knowledge. He is a thinker who is able to clearly see the challenge, tackle it and provide direction to a profitable solution ... and he does it in a timely and cost effective manner. As a the founder of a company in the health industry, there have been many hurdles for me to cross. Bob's approach and ideas have seen vast improvements in my company's product development and marketing efforts. Bob's expertise and integrity are, in my estimation, of the highest level. He is supportive, thoughtful and a true "straight-shooter" who doesn't hesitate to share his knowledge or constructive criticism in the pursuit of excellence. The value of his advice and support has been inestimable beginning with our first conversation. If you are seeking an individual who will plot the course and follow it the extra mile, I would recommend his services to you.

Immensely helpful

Herb C.

The gratitude I have towards Bob and his coaching goes beyond what a recommendation can express. Bob was able to help me realign my perspective to better understand those who I try to influence. As a result, I've learned how I can better advise others, how I can gain their trust, and how I can gain their willingness to collaborate. His coaching has been immensely helpful not only in my professional life, but also dealing with others outside of a work setting. Before Bob coached me, I would avoid difficult situations that required having to get others to "buy-in" on an approach. Today, I look forward to those situations with confidence. I thank Bob for how he's helped me and I'm happy to recommend him as a mentor and coach.

Highly recommended

Jennifer G.

Hiring an executive coach is an investment in yourself and your development. For women, hiring an executive coach is a tricky business. You want to hire someone who understands the culture in which you are working but won't ask you to give up your personal integrity in order to achieve your goals. Bob is able to walk this difficult tight rope with extraordinary results. His ability to teach you to reframe almost any situation leaving you in control with the ability to choose your direction. This empowering approach is overwhelming at first but once you embrace your power, you realize that you can never go back. I continue to consult Bob, particularly when I feel that I have lost focus. Highly recommend this man and his unique ability to empower women to see and reach their goals.

An outstanding executive coach

Igor B.

Bob is an outstanding executive coach. I consider him to among the most influential advisors in my career as a leader. Bob's ability to connect with people and tailor his insight is remarkable. I started to apply a number of techniques and tips to help me and my leadership team. The approach of asking well timed questions to ensure that a shared understanding has been achieved, as opposed to an illusion of it, had proven to be extremely valuable to me. His advice and coaching on how to be a trusted advisor to others will also continue to assist me throughout my career.

A fantastic person to work with

Dan C.

Bob has been a professional mentor of mine for most of 2014. Our conversations have provided immense value to me personally and professionally. Whether on purpose or by chance, each session was timely and had a direct and positive impact on challenges I was facing in that moment. Beyond that though, each session built upon the previous ones, having a cumulative effect that was beyond expectations. Professional coaching/mentoring is invaluable and Bob is a fantastic person to work with and an excellent advisor.

You will not be disappointed!

Renee F.

Bob has been my strategic advisor and career coach over the past 6 to 8 months. In that time, Bob has helped me in taking an unstructured IT department without many formal processes and quickly and effectively guided me to turn that around. He has a great depth of knowledge IT Governance processes and IT Strategy work. He has challenged me to think more strategically and has helped me to position the IT department of my midsized company to be more effective and more strategically aligned with the business goals. We now have an IT governance framework from which to plan and work from and an IT Strategy that is aligned to the business strategy. Without Bob’s coaching and expertise, I would still be struggling in this area. I look forward to continuing my mentoring sessions with Bob as I continue to grow in my IT leadership role. I encourage anyone looking for an expert in IT leadership to seek Bob’s guidance to help run a more effective IT department. You will not be disappointed!

Phenomenal coach

Sri B.

Bob, author of several books is a phenomenal coach, who listens, understands and allows you to make subtle but effective changes in dealing with people both from a business or technology perspective. He was useful as a sounding board and phenomenal to talk to. Glad we have people like Bob around!

Valueable and enjoyable

Edward M.

I had the opportunity and pleasure of being coached by Bob at Bloomberg. There are several things that have made this experience both extremely valuable and enjoyable: * Bob’s great at adopting his communication and coaching styles to the needs of his client. Our conversations were done in the way that was most effective at getting me to discuss my issues and work out solutions to them. * Bob was very patient and worked with me to identify areas of management that required coaching. While I went in to this coaching with only a vague idea of what I wanted to work on, within the first 2-3 sessions, we have identified concrete goals that we worked on. These goals were ones that I was genuinely committed to once Bob helped me identify them. * Bob clearly has “seen it all” – and was able to understand, and relate to diverse situations and concepts, as well as helping me think about them in different ways. * Bob is very personable and has a great sense of humor. I have enjoyed every session * Overall Bob has helped me improve my performance as a manager. I also feel that many of the ideas we discussed are applicable to life outside the workplace. Overall, I cannot recommend Bob strongly enough. It was a great, valuable experience.