18 Years Experience

Bonnie Bruderer

Coach Message

As a coach, I work with entrepreneurs and executives at large and small companies. I help them plan their current and future goals, and accelerate their on-the-job performance. My focus is heavily on helping business professionals gain clarity before they take. action. We work together to discover what is that they want to have happen next in their career and life, and working on a strategy to accomplish it.

How pricing works
CoachMarket pre-negotiates the best prices for our career coaches, and will match you with a coach that fits your budget. Coaches will recommend a package to you based on your needs that includes a suggested number of sessions and deliverables.
Typical price ranges
Our coaches typically charge between $150-$350 an hour. The exact rate depends on the type of coaching expertise, years of experience and industry background. Coaching requires a series of sessions to be effective and coaches may offer special rates when creating a package of multiple sessions.
Billing and payments
Coaches will create a pricing package for you during the FREE consultation and you pay CoachMarket online using any major credit card prior to starting work with your coach. You will receive an email with a link to the payment page once you have agreed to a plan with your coach.

You will experience: How to gain absolute clarity on what it is you want

You will identify what has been keeping you stuck

You will create a map that identifies the exact goals you want to achieve in the areas of your career and business

You will can tools to move powerfully in the direction you say you want to go

You will learn the “Remember Forward” techniques to attract what you want

Career Coaching


Prepare for what’s next

  • Managing transitions
  • Find your passion
  • Know your strengths
  • Discuss career options
  • Change industries/job functions

Job Search

Land your dream job

  • Resume/LinkedIn/cover letter
  • Job search execution
  • Target companies/industries
  • Interviewing preparation
  • Networking
  • Compensation

Build Your Skills

Be the best at what you do

  • Leadership skills
  • Communications
  • What it takes to get promoted
  • Managing large teams
  • First time manager
  • Presentation skills
  • How to run a meeting
Executive Coaching

Grow Your Business

Get to the next level of success

  • CEOs/C-level
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Family Business
  • Start-ups

Bonnie has an extensive background in the personal development field including training in Results Coaching and holds ten certifications in human behavior and personal development. She also attended Columbia University’s Internal Coaching Certification Program.

She has authored four books, has multiple audio programs, has hosted her own radio and tv show and has appeared on multiple news programs as an expert coach.

She has appeared on FOX and NBC TV on numerous occasions and has helped leading organizations such as Anthony Robbins, Ticketmaster, City Search, and Active Networks achieve significantly higher levels of revenues and success. Uniquely qualified having spent 18 years working for Tony Robbins, Harvey Mackay and some of the other worlds top trainers.

Nominated for “Coach/Mentor Of The Year”-Unstoppable Woman 2014

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Sara S.

Working with Bonnie was a huge success and life changing. She was able to help me uncover and break through some of barriers to success on several fronts. Highly recommend her. And added bonus, she is full of insights and highly spirited which made the process FUN!

She really knows her stuff

Loeny A.

I have just started working with Bonnie, and I have already made progress with my goals. She is very experienced in her field, she really knows her stuff. If you’re looking to get clear on your goals and get rid of what’s holding you back, she’s the person you want to see!

I highly recommend her!

William E.

Bonnie is helping identify key obstacles for my growth, both professional and personal, and motivates in a way that is phenomenal. I highly recommend her!

She’s giving me hope

Linda L.

My experience working with Bonnie thus far has been extremely optimistic and exciting. She is very time efficient in responding to emails and provides clear and concise information. I enjoy the homework assignments she assigns because it allows me to truly think about what I want in life. Since I’m putting more effort in, I know I’m going to have a more fulfilling outcome. I really look forward to working with Bonnie over the course of the next few weeks and I’m beyond excited to see what the future holds. She’s giving me hope that I didn’t know existed.

Excellent career coach

Jacqueline K.

Bonnie is an excellent career coach. I am going through a career change and I was feeling very discouraged, scared, and confused. Bonnie helped me get through that fear with promising results and support. We set goals that I saw myself reaching each week. I think you will be very pleased with your experience with Bonnie.