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Christopher Yeh

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I coach senior executives and entrepreneurs who need a truthful, knowledgeable sounding board for business and personal issues. I have been in the startup world since 1995, and have founded, funded, or advised over 100 startups. I studied counseling at Stanford, and am a mentor for StartX, Singularity University, and the Unreasonable Institute.

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I take a flexible approach to helping high-performers achieve their full potential. This includes everything from business strategy to examining the sources of meaning and conflict in their personal life. The goal is to improve happiness, productivity, performance, and relationships.
Career Coaching

Build Your Skills

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  • Leadership skills
  • Communications
  • What it takes to get promoted
  • Managing large teams
  • First time manager
  • Presentation skills
  • How to run a meeting
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  • CEOs/C-level
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Family Business
  • Start-ups

Chris holds two degrees from Stanford University, where he was selected as a writing tutor, a public speaking instructor, a peer counseling teacher, and the director of an improvisational comedy troupe.

He also earned an MBA from Harvard Business School. Chris has worked in the startup world since 1995, and has founded, funded, or advised over 100 startups. He is also the co-author of the New York Times bestseller, "The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age."

Chris has been publicly hailed as an important mentor by well-known entrepreneurs like Ramit Sethi, Ben Casnocha, Wendy Lea, and Penelope Trunk. Chris lives in Silicon Valley with his wife, son, daughter, and dog.

Helped grow a coaching client's business from 0 to $25 million in annual revenues.

Helped a client pivot from one domain (career advice) to another (Autism spectrum disorders).

Helped several clients realize the importance of their key relationships and get engaged or married.

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Brought things into focus

Rebecca Rapple, Spark!

"Chris helped me step back and view the organization from outside of myself and my own conceptions. In just a couple of calls not only was I more effective at work, but significantly happier to boot! I tend to pride myself in my ability to think and see things from other people's perspectives, but after working with my team for a long time, I have to admit I had lost a lot of that effectiveness. Chris gave that insight back to me. I highly recommend working with him! After working through my immediate challenges and struggles at work, our conversation shifted to focus on the (much) bigger picture of my life. The kinds of questions I've been asking myself for years... without concrete results. Chris's combination of pointed questions, personal experience and a sense of space and care have enabled me to make decisions that I've been secretly procrastinating for years. He's helped me dismantle a lot of barriers -- of my own creation and otherwise!"

Excellent listener

Fel Spahr

“There’s a reason why I continue to keep Chris as my coach, mentor, and advisor. The reason has everything to do with his approach and the breakthroughs I’ve been able to achieve as a result of his guidance. When I first came to him, my business was growing exponentially and I was finding it harder to manage the mental side of success and its effects on other areas of my life. Because Chris’s approach is holistic (and as an extra benefit, non-judgmental) he was an excellent listener and person to talk through ways to design my life the way I wanted, and focus on what matters the most to me. On the business side, Chris has helped me generate multiple 6-figures worth of growth -- from developing new service and product offerings to strategies for keeping the business moving towards specific revenue goals I have. His frameworks for knowing the right projects to pursue, to making sure it aligns with what’s most important to me, has been unparalleled guidance for me. I highly recommend working with Chris for entrepreneurs who want an objective sounding board as their business begins to take off, golden marketing and positioning advice, and an approach that integrates the personal and professional so you what you’ve built -- and you! -- can flourish.”