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Debbie Madden

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I help CEOs improve their business. I specialize in coaching executives in the technology, professional services, consulting and startup spaces. Having run tech companies for 20 years, I have walked the walk and lived through the ups and downs of growing companies. I offer strategic coaching, management consulting, and fractional CxO services (I specialize in lead generation strategy and tactics and work with leaders to grow their business). I approach partnerships from a collaborate, tactical, best practice way of thinking.

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Management Consulting, Executive Coaching, and Fractional CXO.

Management Consulting and Executive Coaching are 4-6 month engagements, typically several hours per week, with a combination of collaborative sessions, one-on-one interviews, and action plans.

Fractional CXO is a part time C-Suite executive (CEO, COO, CMO, CTO) working along side your team and helping free up your time so you can focus on running the business.

Key services:

Facilitated full day Workshops: Bring team together to work through complex issues.

Fractional Sales/Marketing Team: Drive leads to the top of your sales funnel.

Engaging as interim CEO.

Executive Coaching

Grow Your Business

Get to the next level of success

  • CEOs/C-level
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Family Business
  • Start-ups

I believe in putting people first, even when it's the hard thing to do. Passion, Honesty, Courage, and Fairness are the four standards that I live by. I’m passionate about helping fellow executives and entrepreneurs navigate through their challenges and opportunities in an effective and efficient way. I have built 5 companies from the ground up and have been CEO of three of them.

Most recently I was the CEO of Cyrus Innovation, a 60 person Agile software development consulting firm in NYC and Boston. I grew Cyrus into a multimillion dollar, five-time Inc 5000 winner, and Crain's NY Best Place to Work. In January 2014, I  successfully exited Cyrus and am now helping others.

Global services business needs to drive leads to the top of their funnel. I conducted one-on-one interviews with the heads of each office, and brought the team together to create a strategy and action plan. The team created an actionable plan for generating leads that fit with their culture and helped them reach their annual goal.

CEO of a funded startup need help with general leadership and delegation. Over a 12 month period, I acted as an advisor, coach and confidant for the CEO, and through a series of discussions, phone calls and emails they grew the company and hit their revenue targets. They also achieved their hiring and sales goals within the 12 month period.

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Excellent coach.

CEO, NYC Tech Enterprise.

"My business had grown to 95 employees in multiple locations and we had a lead generation crisis on our hands. Debbie was able to come in, and both guide us down the right path while also drawing on her own experience in sales and marketing to provide suggestions that we wound up implementing and using to improve our sales pipeline and brand awareness."

True understanding.

CEO, NYC Tech Startup

"Debbie came in, quickly understood my business and my coaching needs, and in a matter of months helped me navigate difficult management team issues and helped me get my business back on track. The fact that she has been a CEO of several tech companies was what interested me in working with her. The way she truly understood my team was what kept me working with her."