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Einat Harari Parag

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I am a creative change consultant, certified executive coach, organizational consultant and group facilitator. I help organizations, teams and individuals navigate through volatile circumstances, such as rapid growth, global expansion and frequent reorganizations. Through mind changing, emotionally evoking exercises and 360 feedback, I promotes my clients' ability to harness the challenges of change and use them as opportunities for growth. As a result, they learn to not only face change, but excel in the midst of it.

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Executive Coaching: I focus on identifying inner strengths, changing mind-sets and developing positive insights concerning an executive's ability to impact.

I also work with new leaders, women leaders and leaders from diversity groups boosting their self-confidence and increasing their sense of competency and achievement.

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Career Coaching

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  • Leadership skills
  • Communications
  • What it takes to get promoted
  • Managing large teams
  • First time manager
  • Presentation skills
  • How to run a meeting

Einat’s 20-year career represents an integration of organizational psychology, consumer and product marketing and business consulting expertise, allowing her to bring a multidimensional perspective to her practice.

Companies she has worked with throughout her career include: Fortune 500 firms such as Barnes and Noble and Rite Aid; advertising companies (Y&R) and high tech global companies; non-profit organizations such as Ashoka; and small businesses in the Internet and medical imaging industries.

Counseled the CEO of a recently acquired technology company on managing up, communicating achievements and repositioning himself and his company in a way that was aligned with the parent company’s vision

Advised a COO of a medium- sized service organization on ways to align headquarters and field teams, motivating both and communicating achievements with the CEO.

Worked with the head of technical training at a big government agency to enhance his leadership style, creating a vision for the department and building a committed team in the face of organizational changes.

Advised a newly appointed second generation CEO of a family-owned business on developing his own management style, building credibility and generating a vision for the company in a changing market.

Coached an operational manager of a Fortune 500 retail company on becoming a more assertive, confident and effective communicator.

Facilitated leadership workshops in the Israel Defense Force, helping commanders and officers develop leadership skills and deal with core questions of motivating young people in life threatening situations

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"There is a distinct before and after coaching for me in my career and life."

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"From our very first meeting, she creatively used tools and exercises to find the source of issues and identify areas of development that I needed to focus on."

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"The experience of being coached by Einat was truly life changing, both at work and in life. Einat’s knowledge of business and psychology and her real world experience, combined with a logical yet creative approach, enable her to be helpful in any circumstance that presents itself."