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Ginger Jenks

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I coach leaders, teams and organizations to be who they are capable of being, and to raise the ceiling on their potential. I am a leadership development and team building specialist, and have coached many CEO’s. Consciousness around goals, values, vision and communication develops stronger mental agility and more wins; these are building blocks in my coaching. A core plank in my platform is that leaders who are Professional Human Beings – attending to development of all aspects of themselves – lead happier lives and more easily create strong relationships, which translates into more success in all venues. My life purpose is to experience joy and help others to do the same. More joy, better results! I also strongly believe that developing yourself is the most effective path to achieving many goals, and any goal.

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Our coaches typically charge between $150-$350 an hour. The exact rate depends on the type of coaching expertise, years of experience and industry background. Coaching requires a series of sessions to be effective and coaches may offer special rates when creating a package of multiple sessions.
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Services: Executive coaching: requires a minimum six-month commitment. I conduct an Initial Coaching Inventory with the client, and you'll identify 30-day, 60-day and 6- month goals. Drawing on 20 years of experience and a broad toolbox of resources, I customize each engagement.

Team coaching: I meet with the leader first to determine goals and current issues, then design a program to meet the client’s needs, using my Super Team curriculum as the foundation.

Career Development coaching: we’ll work through the 9 Goals Vision, Values and Needs exercises and use those as your compass. Next steps include strategy and goals development in alignment with your vision, a learning plan and communication work, including role plays and mock interviews. I'll help you get clear on your brand and how to sell it.

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With deep experience in coaching and consulting since 1995 and personal success in business, sports and music, I bring a unique perspective to my clients and audiences. I promise that my programs deliver on many levels: dynamic, practical take-aways, fun, new concepts, deep wisdom and memorable stories. I have created several coaching programs, including SuperTeam, 9 Goals, the Growth Star Learning Plan and Professional Human Being. Facilitation of retreats, strategic planning sessions and conflict resolution round out my offerings. My clients have ranged from executives at Fortune 500 companies (such as Coca Cola), to entrepreneurs, to athletes. I have considerable expertise and experience in the commercial real estate industry, where I spent 13 years.

Other industry experience with my coaching includes technology, private equity, banking, advertising, consulting, and non-profits. I have worked with several top sales professionals and love their commitment to winning and to getting better, every day. I am a Master Certified Coach, the highest credential awarded by the International Coach Federation, and held by the top 1% of our profession. I am also a YPO (Young Presidents Organization) Speaker Resource.

I have many national media credits, such as CNN.com, Forbes.com, CBS News Radio and ABC News Radio. A graduate of Boston University and Coach University, I have served on the Board of Directors of the International Coach Federation and the Advisory Board of the International Consortium for Coaching in Organizations. I have also held various other leadership positions in organizations outside of coaching.

A passionate believer in a balanced life, I am a top US dog sport competitor with my Grand Champion Samoyeds, and am also an accomplished trumpet player, having performed with the Boston Pops Orchestra and Arthur Fiedler at the age of 16. I am author of the book, "Wag, Live, Love- What Dogs Teach Us About Happiness and Life," which combines my passions of coaching and dogs.  I love the humility of flailing around the golf course and hiking in the Rocky Mountains.

1.  After coaching a CEO for a period of a year, he asked me to work with his core leadership team, which was in deep conflict and dysfunctional. Dramatic improvement happened within one year, and after two years, it's a highly performing team that's producing excellent results.

2.  An individual who was general counsel in a division of a Fortune 100 company wanted to not only change companies, but get a chance to use her MBA, as well as her JD. We crafted a strategy that garnered her a position as general counsel at a technology company, working with a CEO who was willing to utilize her broader skills and she was promoted to Sr. VP of Strategy.

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Excellent coach.

David Fitzgerald, Executive Vice President

“I like to win, and coaching helps me to win even more. Coaching helps me deal with my insecurities - I really want to be the very best I can. By working with my coach Ginger Jenks, I know I am doing everything I can to elevate my game, year after year. The accountability factor is big, as is having a safe, objective sounding board. I’ve improved my systems to work more efficiently so I can find more time to create a better balance in my life.”

A great partner.

Andrew Sacks, President, Agency Sacks

"In 2008 Ginger Jenks came to the rescue at our retreat and instantly connected and impressed each and every of one us. She impressed me so much that I hired her as a personal coach. Ginger has been working with me for 5 years. She is part coach, part strategist, part friend. She is an immensely thoughtful and perceptive person who is at expert at keeping me focused (to the extent possible) and spending my time in the right places. Most notably, whenever I had what I considered to be a really sticky business issue with a client, Ginger has always been willing and able to get on a call – weekends included – listen to my challenge and work out a solution with me. And they have all been good solutions. We often hear in business today from outside providers that they want to be our “partner”. Well, Ginger is that partner – and a great one."

Talented resource.

J. Randall Waterfield, Chairman

"Ginger Jenks is a talented resource with compelling insights garnered through years of experience. She not only manages to provide thoughtful take-home value, but does so with a refreshing touch of humor and practical wizdom. Her expert curation of the session enabled our group to renew its focus, clarify our vision, and consider strategic ideas we never would have contemplated before….”

Invaluable resource.

Brett Keith, Managing Partner, Rockwood Equity

“Prior to working with Ginger I was chronically frustrated with my inability to accomplish my objectives as effectively as I knew I could. Just as frustrating was the fact that – when exploring where the breakdowns occurred – I realized that it was ME (not a dearth of time or a shortage of good options or ideas) getting in the way of my own effectiveness. Stepping back myself and exploring these breakdowns only became more frustrating because of how vexing even (seemingly) simple changes proved to be when implementing. “Dr. Heal Thyself” is far easier to say than to do. While hopeful that a coach would prove helpful, my skepticism toward coaching lay just below the surface, nevertheless I endeavored to give it a shot. At exactly the time I engaged Ginger, I found myself dealing with the most significant professional challenge I have faced over the past decade. Having Ginger as a sounding board proved to be invaluable throughout. Rather than peaking there, over the past two years we have established a relationship which is so important to me that I don’t make a major decision without consulting her on the “how” and almost always on the “what”. The issues we work on run the gamut…from personal to professional, and I have utilized Ginger’s team exercises, practices and cadences as an important part of running my own firm, in helping the companies I advise, in optimizing the boards I serve on and in refining my own YPO Forum and small groups that I lead.”

Ginger makes it happen!

Nick Jekogian, CEO

"I worked with Ginger for a number of years for goal setting and focus for my company and personal life. She has the ability of getting to the heart of what a CEO should be focusing on and keeping that focus in the right place. The things she has pushed me to do have created some of the most significant results in my life and business. Ginger Makes it Happen!”