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Gladys Kartin

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My clients seek coaching when they are tired of feeling stuck and confused. I provide the fresh eyes perspective that can validate, challenge and connect those dots of disparate information forming a new set of options thinking and pursuits. My clients consistently tell me I deliver clarity, focus and confidence to inspire them to reach their goals.

How pricing works
CoachMarket pre-negotiates the best prices for our career coaches, and will match you with a coach that fits your budget. Coaches will recommend a package to you based on your needs that includes a suggested number of sessions and deliverables.
Typical price ranges
Our coaches typically charge between $150-$350 an hour. The exact rate depends on the type of coaching expertise, years of experience and industry background. Coaching requires a series of sessions to be effective and coaches may offer special rates when creating a package of multiple sessions.
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Performance Review: Proactively prepare for your next performance review that you and your manager will benefit and learn from

Professional Development Coaching:  Client recognizes a need for improvement that goes beyond the performance review session.  Next step planning, aspirational focus, options thinking, time management, increasing visibility, "likeability" quotient, dealing with a difficult co-worker, boss, poor job fit, etc.
Job search coaching:  Without structure a job search can quickly morph into "overwhelm".  Learn how to break down this process into small and meaningful steps for future self-management success. 
Interview Coaching:  Client will learn to prepare for interviews and shift the process into meaningful conversations beneficial for all involved. Interviewing is a two way street where both parties need to "qualify" the position and the candidate. 
Transition/Situational Coaching:  Change happens unexpectedly or as a proactive plan.  In either case, you are in need of fresh eyes perspective. Gain clarity around what habits and beliefs might be holding you back gaining a new focus and plan to achieve results. 
Succeed in My Job Coaching:  Your personal coaching plan designed to help you succeed in your current situation.  Clients will apply new insights to confidently achieve goals.
Career Coaching


Prepare for what’s next

  • Managing transitions
  • Find your passion
  • Know your strengths
  • Discuss career options
  • Change industries/job functions

Job Search

Land your dream job

  • Resume/LinkedIn/cover letter
  • Job search execution
  • Target companies/industries
  • Interviewing preparation
  • Networking
  • Compensation

Gladys Kartin started her career coaching practice as she was transitioning from a stay at home mom to her "what next?" direction. Discouraged by the options available, Gladys returned to graduate school and and was introduced to career counseling and decided to pursue training and certification in career coaching. Gladys provides the "career education" that propels her clients forward and enjoys the uniqueness each clients brings to the coaching partnership.

Case Study 1: Chief Financial Officer seeking a non-negotiable four day work week. Client is a busy, very well organized single mother approaching her fifth decade contemplating her career/life transition needs. Our conversations helped her realize that a four day work week is the key priority that is a non-negotiable. Client had many anecdotal stories reflecting her ability to manage work responsibilities and performance achievements. Client achieved her non-negotiable and is CFO for an award winning architectural firm in Manhattan.

Case Study 2: Interview coaching for senior level ready to wear, merchandising and product development client.  Out of work for one year due to merger, client had many interviews without job offers. Client brings an impressive background of achievements in her 10+ years of experience with a detailed resume highlighting highly valued skills, knowledge and experience to support her candidacy.   Our work together allowed me to provide constructive feedback on her interview style; her body language, her likeability factor, her ability to provide the anecdotal information to align with position requirements and most importantly she leaned how to turn an interview into a conversation that speaks to the hiring manager's needs and how she can deliver to those needs. Our work together soon landed her first hire with a growing women's ready to wear company where she was a valued contributor to the company's stellar growth.

Case Study 3: My very first client was a single mother of young twins living in the states with her husband. Recently divorced she originally hired me to help coach her to re-enter the job market as she was returning to Europe to live near family.   MBTI results provided a common language to manage her transition. Our work together morphed into a resume revision, networking and interview strategies with an emphasis on presenting herself that would benefit the prospective employer with a position that will allow her to provide the best of what she has to offer and supports her current situation. I am proud to say she achieved all her goals and was extremely appreciative of all the learning she acquired.

Case Study 4: Client is a senior level marketing and communications executive in NYC.  This client hired me to help improve professional performance.  Our initial conversation provided new perspective and insights around innate talents and strengths that were underutilized and were then applied to improving team productivity. This validated discovery process allowed client to coach team to greater creativity, productivity and work satisfaction. Team members became better aligned with their work assignments using their strengths.  This provided greater positive results and visibility for client leading to new initiative opportunities.

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Creative and calm approach.

Clare J. Chapman

"You know how to 'coach', not instruct or teach. Brings out the best in the end. You have a great balance on the details within the big picture, and the big picture is beyond just the one application, or even just the one search. You take the time to know me as a person, not just a client. You are very creative, offering multiple approaches to issues, including as was the case this morning, even suggesting a different industry for me to explore. I very much appreciate your calm approach, your being non-directive (coaching not instructing, as I said) all within a very positive base. For example, I really needed to refocus myself on my search after having to deal with several other issues. I knew a call with you would do that for me and it was completely true. I feel energized, focused, and feel forward motion. It was exactly what I needed. You didn’t know that at the time, but I did and you have that gift. In general, I’m very grateful for all you’ve done so far. Finding the right fit doesn’t usually happen on the first person you try, but in this case, to my great relief, it did."

Exceptional and inspiring.

Juliana Marulanda

"I met and hired Gladys Kartin last year as a Career Coach to help me find perspective and direction in a professional transition. Gladys immediately impressed me during our consult and first meeting by asking poignant questions about my personal and professional needs. Only 20 minutes into the consult, she was already figuring out new prospects for me to look into based on my preferences and aptitudes that were spot on. I hired her instantly. Gladys has been able to help me navigate a wide range of projects, ranging from the design of a new startup, to goal setting for applying to a suitable MBA program, to the redesign of my own professional brand that I have been able to leverage and promote on social media platforms. She takes a holistic approach to assessing your best occupational choices by using qualitative and quantitative data to get a three dimensional picture of the individual and find solutions for sustainable career growth. She coaches and problems solves with exceptional creativity, focus, and an inspiring energy."

Valuable guidance

Susan Bendes

"Gladys, I would like to extend my thanks to you for all your help and hard work in guiding me in writing my resume and evaluating my next career move. Your perspective allowed me to more fully direct my resume toward the positions I was interested in pursuing. The questions you asked forced me to think about my strengths and weaknesses and the specific path I wanted to take. Your commitment to your clients is very apparent and the amount of effort and detail that you put into each facet of your work did not go unnoticed. You clearly put your heart and soul into everything you do, and for that I am extremely appreciative."