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Prior to coaching Howard Levitt was the CEO of Tourneau a world class luxury retailer. Tourneau is an organization he literally built from obscurity. Today Howard coaches CEO's and senior leaders to be the very best they can be both for themselves and their organizations. Howard helps leaders accomplish this by enhancing their ability to exploit the talent and skills in addition to identifying opportunities that often are over looked.

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CEO and Executive Coaching - Each and every executive is different and deserves an approach tailored to their needs. Together I work with the executive to build upon existing strengths and shore up any perceived weakness. By working with real issues executives face each and every day the approach to solving problems and thinking strategically are significantly improved.

Senior Team Strategic Alignment - Many companies achieve poor results due to poor alignment and communications amongst the senior ranks. By forming a group tasked with achieving specific results in a prescribed manner team alignment is fostered. By learning how to properly work together many of the barriers can be broken down. If these issues are deeply entrenched individual coaching of the members of the team can augment this approach with very powerful results.

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Howard Levitt is an executive coach and consultant with well over 30 years of business experience. Howard works with a diverse group of business leaders across many business subsets. He works with CEOs and business leaders to help make them the very best they can be. Howard started his career in accounting and finance and as a result has a vast in depth knowledge of budgeting and forecasting.

Earlier in his career Howard worked at Seaman Furniture as a VP in the accounting division. Seamans ultimately went public very successfully followed by a second very successful offering. Not very long there after it was taken back private with a sale to KKR. Howard eventually moved to Tourneau at the time a mom and pop small watch retailer. Howard rose from CFO to COO to President and finally CEO. The company had gone from virtual obscurity to being acknowledged as the worlds largest watch retailer by the guinness book of records. During his tenure Howard has received many awards including the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Howard was responsible for personally leading the highly successful sale of the company to Leonard Green and Company.

Howard has served his community as a Board member and treasurer of the USO and VP of the Retail Marketing Society.

Intellectual Property - CEO was who is highly educated and came from the financial services industry took over a family business. He was used to a larger environment and was not organized to make the best use of his time. We worked on various ways to leverage his time and improve company performance at the same time.

Advertising Agency - CEO is very talented but was frustrated at the lack of performance of the company. He crafted himself into Mr. perfect and made him unapproachable by his staff and as a result they did not preform for him. By helping him to see this he was able to learn to connect and have his staff identify with him. Turn over lessened and performance improved.

High End clothing retailer - Engaged by the CEO to help him gain control of both his management team and senior sales associates. Over a period of many years the CEO who was the founder allowed himself to disengage from the company which operated across multiple states. The store management and CEO were afraid of the senior sales associates who had large books of business.

With observation it became clear that the senior sales associates were stealing many sales from the junior sales associates and store management was allowing this to occur. The CEO being disengaged did nothing to change it. Initially when this was brought to his attention he was scared to change as he feared the senior sales associates would take their book down the block to his competitors.

As customer loyalty program was established that allowed the CEO to see clearly that the customer was identifying with the store as well as the sales associate. As confidence built with the CEO a strict up system was enforced which was backed by the CEO. In the year that followed new sales associates were allowed to develop and sales rose by 20%. Most of the productivity was from the newer sales associates that were finally allowed to work the floor freely.

Large Digital Advertising Agency - CEO requested coaching. The CEO had been coached two years prior. There was a significant conflict with a lead programmer. After two years the programer quit the company. The CEO was concerned he had created the issue and wanted to insure that this would not continue to occur. I requested his approval to meet with his management team. Over a period of time it became clear that one particular individual within the organization was intentionally creating issues and had in fact caused the initial issue with the lead programer that left the organization. Rather than simply share what I had learned I worked closely with the CEO to coach him to ask the right kinds of questions and make the same types of observations that helped uncover this particular issue. Once the CEO was able to get it out in the open and speak with the individual creating the issue things changed quickly for the better.

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