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Jessica Powers

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I coach leaders to improve individual, team, and organizational outcomes by cultivating their leadership capabilities and capacity. During times of growth, shifting focus, and complex relationships, we pause to thoughtfully explore what arises, including strategy; management practices; relationships up, down, and across the organization; team effectiveness; and employee engagement. I specialize in coaching leaders in start-ups and social innovation organizations.

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Leadership Coaching: Engagements typically lasts 6 to 9 months and are highly customized to meet the development needs and style of the leader. The process involves discussing coaching goals and expectations, and tailoring the coaching engagement to realize meaningful and measurable goals. Through listening, questioning, practicing new behaviors, feedback, and both short- and long-term goal setting, the client emerges with increased personal and professional effectiveness.

Coaching includes regular coaching conversation, and might include me observing the leader on the job, conducting 360 stakeholder interviews and feedback, and co- creating a development plan. Leadership, culture, change, and team frameworks are integrated into the coaching process as appropriate.

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  • Leadership skills
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  • What it takes to get promoted
  • Managing large teams
  • First time manager
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Jessica Powers is an organizational psychologist who guides people in organizations to work more effectively together. With over 10 years of experience serving start-ups, small businesses, and large corporations, she brings a breadth of experience working with a diversity of leaders, cultures, and organizations.

Her experience includes coaching leaders, conducting organizational and team assessments, conducting culture assessments, managing executive coaching programs, designing and launching performance management systems, managing leadership development programs, leading talent management sessions, designing leadership programs and trainings, and facilitating group work – all with a style of freshness, creativity, candor, and care. In addition to her work with organizations and leaders, Jessica practices mindfulness meditation, runs, writes, and sings.

She has a Masters degree in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University, with applied training in individual assessments, executive coaching, conflict resolution, and group dynamics. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Oberlin College. Additionally, Jessica received 77 hours of coach training with a nationally accredited coaching institution. She is a member of the Organizational Development Network of New York.

Case Study 1: A Technology Startup was experiencing communications breakdown that resulted in duplicative work, interpersonal conflict, and confusion about goals. The CEO wanted to dive deeper into organizational dynamics to solve for conflict. Through interviews and a culture survey, I identified strengths and roadblocks, and facilitated conversation to address issues – with the CEO, the leadership team, and the entire company. This work resulted in the creation of increased avenues to communicate and share feedback across the organization, including a global company offsite, focused meetings, an internal newsletter, and the launch of a performance management system that resulted in clear direction, increased efficiency, and a more transparent and collaborative culture.

Case Study 2: A non-profit Executive Director sought coaching to work on leadership presence and decision making skills, and to specifically improve her leadership of the Board of Directors. Through coaching, the leader had more transparent and clear communications with both individuals on the board and the board as a group, and a dynamic of increased delegation, trust, and accountability resulted. Through communicating vision and clear expectations, the board makeup shifted, conflict was reduced, and the organization was able to better leverage resources.

Case Study 3: A team at a small business was experiencing conflict between managers and their direct reports, and between smaller teams within the larger team. People were becoming frustrated and distracted, and the work was suffering. I coached the team leader on his leadership approach, and the team dynamic shifted as a result. Through 360 interviews and feedback, I worked with the leader to address the feedback from his team. Together, we cultivated his leadership skills, confidence, and communications skills.

In the coaching process, the leader took responsibility for directly addressing conflict. He worked through his fear of conflict, and began to let people speak candidly with him. He started to rebuild trust. He articulated his vision and expectations to the team, and created new processes for the team to own their individual and collective results. His leadership style and the team dynamic have shifted to include sharing direct and honest feedback. As a result, team engagement and the quality of the work has greatly improved.

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Creative and effective.

Yara, Banking Industry

“I had the pleasure of working with Jessica on a team building project. She was creative, constantly meeting challenges and able to build a rapport with all involved.”

Skillful facilitation.

Shira, Community Organization

“Jessica provided skillful facilitation of group discussion -- creating a "safe" and respectful environment where people felt comfortable providing candid and constructive feedback.”

Calming and enriching.

Paulette, Advertising Industry

"Jessica’s presence is calming and enriching. Our conversations give me space and permission to experiment with new attitudes and behaviors that ultimately feel right to me in my gut. In this very open, supportive, and delightful process, clear direction has come to me, and as a result my relationships and communication in a turbulent environment have become more focused and energized."