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Jill MacFadyen

Coach Message

I am a career coach who enjoys working with my clients on all aspects of their career and who wants them to look forward to going to work on Mondays. For those in transition, I bring the skill of the coach and the understanding of one who has been laid off.  I can help you discover what energizes you and plan your search. Tactically, we can work on: self-assessment; resume and cover letters; LinkedIn; networking; interviewing; and salary negotiation. For those who are currently working, evenings and Saturday morning hours can be arranged.

How pricing works
CoachMarket pre-negotiates the best prices for our career coaches, and will match you with a coach that fits your budget. Coaches will recommend a package to you based on your needs that includes a suggested number of sessions and deliverables.
Typical price ranges
Our coaches typically charge between $150-$350 an hour. The exact rate depends on the type of coaching expertise, years of experience and industry background. Coaching requires a series of sessions to be effective and coaches may offer special rates when creating a package of multiple sessions.
Billing and payments
Coaches will create a pricing package for you during the FREE consultation and you pay CoachMarket online using any major credit card prior to starting work with your coach. You will receive an email with a link to the payment page once you have agreed to a plan with your coach.
We begin where your greatest need is. Services can include any or all of the following:
*Resume writing or review
*Cover letters
*Networking to include handbill and personal commercial
*Interviewing to include handling difficult questions and behavioral interviewing
*Salary Negotiation

Career Coaching


Prepare for what’s next

  • Managing transitions
  • Find your passion
  • Know your strengths
  • Discuss career options
  • Change industries/job functions

Job Search

Land your dream job

  • Resume/LinkedIn/cover letter
  • Job search execution
  • Target companies/industries
  • Interviewing preparation
  • Networking
  • Compensation

In 2005, Jill started her own career coaching business, where she works with individuals and corporate clients, including the Chicago office of McKinsey & Co. She developed and teaches the in-person Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management Alumni Job Search classes and works one-on-one with alumni on their career goals.

She particularly enjoys helping clients figure out what will truly energize them. As a former recruiter, she likes revising resumes and conducting mock interviews. She leverages her previous experiences in Human Resources and with Right Management as an Outplacement Consultant in advising clients to navigate the tools of job search.

A native Chicagoan, Jill has a Master’s Degree in Industrial Relations from Loyola University, Chicago, IL, and a Graduate Certificate in Organizational Development from Benedictine University in Lisle, IL. Her professional coaching certification is from The Coaches Training Institute, and she is certified by the International Coach Federation. She is qualified to deliver the MBTI through the Association for Psychological Type.

Case Study 1: RB had three potential directions (Investment, Business Development and Banking) and an awful resume.  He even said he made it “generic on purpose.”  His resume was wordy, dense and poorly formatted.  His interview style was brusque and aggressive.  We polished his resume together and had a version for each direction.  I worked with him on his interview style.  In what was still a difficult economy in 2014, he landed his ideal job in an investment firm.

Case Study 2: LL had been in marketing with a major CPG firm before leaving to stay home with her children and do significant volunteer work.  She was concerned about having been out of the paid work force for 6 years.  However, her volunteer work was at a very high level and we used  it prominently on her resume.  We worked together on her resume and interviewing.  She landed in 2014 in a healthcare consulting firm close to her home.

Case Study 3: BM was laid off in mid 2014 with one year’s severance from a high level position in supply chain.  We greatly strengthened her resume, planned her networking approach, practiced interviewing and negotiated her salary when she landed a desired role in a start-up at a comparable salary to her prior position even though she expected to take what she called a “hair cut” at a start-up.

Case Study 4: DO has an MS in Engineering and an MBA from a top school.  He started two companies and wanted to leave them in the capable hands of coworkers to find work for a large corporation in ecommerce and Technology as a Product Leader.  He was hampered by having worked for himself for over 10 years and not being a native English speaker.  We worked on his resume and interviewing and then happily on which of three offers to accept in mid 2014.

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You helped me tremendously

Cheryl M.

“Thank you so much for your help with my career struggles. What we did work on together helped me tremendously. It helped me realize what I wasn't being true to myself in my career and helped me focus my search to what I knew what really important to me. Since we worked together in October and November, I took what I learned about myself from your guidance and successfully landed a job. Sixty days in, I love it and know that if I hadn't worked with you, I might have found another position easily enough but wouldn't have found one that fit me so well.”

I got the job!


“I wanted to share the news that I found out that I got the teacher evaluation role. I really appreciate your support – it was incredibly helpful. I don’t know what I’d do without you!”

A gentle hand

AH, Maryland

"Jill shaped my work history into an engaging read. She works efficiently, cutting away the dross, while keeping a gentle hand on one's self esteem. She is a person of depth and integrity, and a great resume-writer and career coach! I strongly recommend her services." -

Extremely helpful

Kellog Management alum

“Jill is extremely accessible and positive. I enjoyed my conversations with her and felt that she gave a lot of great feedback, particularly with my resume and cover letters.”

Incredible interview preparation

Kellog Management alum

“Jill was amazing. She made time for me initially on short notice. She provided incredible interview prep, helping me think through possible questions and answers, as well as helping to calm my nerves about the overall experience