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Joshua Ehrlich

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I am passionate about creating mindful leaders aligned with their values, thus fueling innovation and unleashing potential. For 20 years I have helped transform businesses and raised the standard in the coaching profession by developing change agents around the world. I am rewarded by leveraging clients’ strengths, accelerating their learning and unleashing their potential. As a result, my clients consistently achieve extraordinary results. I am pragmatic and business-focused while also being kind and compassionate.

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My typical coaching engagement is 6-9 months. I develop critical leadership skills including presence & gravitas, negotiating & influencing, network & relationship management, communication & team building. I help clients increase their impact by reflecting on their assumptions, clarifying their core values and reshaping their belief systems.

My consulting services include the following:

Coach Training—training for HR executives and managers
High Performance Teams—aligning teams to reach stretch objectives
Culture and Change Management—adapting to new market realities
Leadership Development—designing world-class training:

o   Mindful Leadership

o   Leadership Presence & Communications

o   Coaching and Mentoring

o   Strategic/Innovative Thinking

o   Prioritization and Time Management

o   Stress Management and Resilience

o   Emotional Intelligence

Executive Coaching

Grow Your Business

Get to the next level of success

  • CEOs/C-level
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Family Business
  • Start-ups

Josh is an organizational consultant, executive coach, supervisor and accreditor of coaches. He advises Boards, CEOs and top teams to drive innovation and change. Josh has provided coaching and talent management consulting to hundreds of senior executives in multinational companies, including Division Presidents, General Managers, Function Heads and Entrepreneurs. His clients include more than 50 of the Fortune 100 across multiple industries including financial services, insurance, retail and consumer products, manufacturing, health care, pharmaceuticals, publishing, new media, energy and non-profit.

Josh is the Chairman of the Global Leadership Council—an international network of experts in leadership and organizational transformation that guide research and consult to the private and public sectors. Josh provides advanced training for leaders and OD/LD professionals in coaching and mentoring, and serves as a Master Coach Supervisor for the European Coaching and Mentoring Council. He speaks to a variety of audiences about certification standards and brings together coaches from around the world to teach best practices.

He has contributed to the Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal and NPR, and appeared on Fox News and Voice America. He advises the Aspen Institute on programs for global change and sustainability. Josh is a leading authority on succeeding in demanding environments. His research at Yale and New York University and numerous articles have clarified the psychological and physiological mechanisms by which stress impairs effectiveness. Based on his findings, he helps individuals, teams and organizations develop their resilience through mindfulness training. This discipline is invaluable for optimizing leadership presence, concentration, strategic thinking and creative problem solving.

Josh is the author of Mindshifting: Focus for Performance (Steiner Books). Education and Affiliations • BA with Distinction, Yale University • MA and PhD in Psychology, New York University • Professor, Middlesex University, London (Coaching and Neuroscience of Leadership) • Created the first Master’s Degree Program in Executive Coaching in the United States • Certified in a variety of 360 and psychometric assessment tools (Hogan, Benchmarks).

1) General Manager, High Tech Start-Up This leader needed to be the smartest in the room, and often was. He was charming and gracious with clients, but demanding and harsh with his team. He had been given feedback about his impact but seemed not to care. I spent 2 months building a relationship with him and trying to see the world from his perspective. He was then able to begin opening up, and we were able to look at his goals and the feedback he had received.

He began to realize how the churn and anxiety he created on his team was hurting him. He then revealed that he lived with a great deal of stress day to day. His irritability was often driven by the intense pressure he put on himself. I taught him some mindfulness techniques, and we examined what goals gave him a real sense of meaning, accomplishment and purpose. This analysis provoked him to look at his behavior and how he was living out of sync with his values. I was then able to develop an action plan with him that reassured him he would not have to give up his high standards, but would in fact enable him to get more from his people and reduce the constant turnover.

He still occasionally slips back into old habits, but he now has ways to remind himself of his real priorities and techniques to manage the stress and pressure he puts on himself. Success for him was not derailing, and learning to live a more fulfilling and rounded life.

2) CEO and Chief Investment Officer, Asset Management Firm I first began working with this leader when he was the Chief Investment Officer of a Fortune 500 firm. He was brilliant intellectually, but had a hard time engaging followers and influencing peers. He was able to develop these skills and flex his style a great deal over the 6 months we worked together. He then left to join a smaller asset management firm, and reached out to me again to help him as he was on track to become the CEO. He was able to develop his strategic thinking skills and vision so that he impressed the board and was promoted. I then helped him learn how to think about the new demands of his role and how to manage the multiple constituents that he now serves. He is now excited about successfully growing his firm and positioning it for the future.

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Extremely valuable.

HR Head, Consumer goods company

“I found working with Josh extremely valuable. He helped me identify my leadership and personality style to improve how I work. He has a way of peeling back the onion in a safe environment. He is also very direct—he challenged my perceptions and helped me turn them around so that I am more accountable for controlling outcomes. He takes High Performance Coaching and kicks it up a notch.”

Not your typical consultant.

OD Head, Pharmaceutical company

“He’s not your typical consultant. He doesn’t push ideas—he asks questions that take you on a journey.”

Inspiring and challenging.

Head of HR, Insurance company

“I always leave my conversations with Josh feeling inspired and challenged in a positive way.”

I learned to focus...

VP of Stores, International Clothing company

“When I met Josh I worried he was going to tell me to slow down. Instead, he taught me how to focus.”