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Kelley is a former Heineken Executive with over 15 years of experience and is an expert in leadership development, executive coaching and change management. With a deep understanding of human behavior, neuroscience, mindfulness, and the challenges of day to day business politics and execution, she coaches leaders and teams on how to uncover their true goals and aspirations while getting to the root of the obstacles standing in the way. She has a reputation as a practical, insightful, and authentic thought leader who drives real sustainable change at the individual, team and organization levels. Kelley primarily works with senior executives and high potential leaders who want to accelerate their development. She believes that through developing greater self awareness, leaders can tap into and magnify their innate talents and strengths. Her rare combination of being dynamic and easily trusted while providing practical advice that leads to the achievement of outstanding sustainable change is what sets her apart.

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Individual Coaching: All individual coaching engagements start with a focus on developing greater self awareness in order to understand what the real objective is, and practical approach shifting identified leadership behaviors, and perceptions of behavior. The process produces measurable results tied to changes in behavior.

Organization Consulting: I work with teams who are having a difficult time making strategic decisions and truly aligning. As a result, trust is low, strategic meetings turn into more meetings, decisions aren't made, or are made and not executing due to lack of real commitment and alignment. I work with teams to identify the key strategies and behaviors that will drive business results through 1:1 interviews and team meetings. By using a proven process of trust building, building understanding, and identifying and breaking down barriers, teams increase strategic collaboration, creativity, innovation and execution resulting in a high performing team.

Change Leadership: Too often executive teams invest millions on a merger or acquisition or identifying a new strategic plan only to leave the people of the organization behind. As a result, plans are in place but execution and real change fails. I specialize in partnering to develop a comprehensive change management plan to ensure the entire organization buys into and commits to the change in an observable way.

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Kelley is on a mission to change the world, one person, one organization at a time. She is a long time meditation practioner, aspiring homesteader, cook and gardener. 

She has spent the last 15 years working with a wide range of leaders. Her roles have included leading Senior Executives in Africa, Europe, and the Americas as the Global Head of Change Management and the Head of People and Organizational Development for Heineken lnternational, as well as her roles as the Director of HR at the STAPLES center in Los Angeles and Wrigley Field in Chicago. Kelley started her career as a community organizer partnering with community members on the Northwest side of Chicago to increase police presence in gang and drug infested neighborhoods.

The combination of her vast experience, years of meditation practice and extensive research in psychology and neuroscience sets her apart. She has the unique ability to distill seemingly impractical and meaningless theories and shift them into concrete ideas that are immediately actionable.

Working with Kelley has empowered leaders on four continents to understand and shift their behavior as well as the behavior and habits of their people and organizations to achieve sustainable success.

CEO and Executive leadership team: Need: New leader, team lacked trust, avoided difficult conversations, decision making took inordinate amount of time, execution failed due to lack of alignment around decisions, unclear mission and vision.

Result: One:One coaching with CEO and individual team members, team building and meeting facilitation, broke down barriers, built trust, redefined mission and vision and built culture change plan. Team now has clear way of working, trust is high and culture change resulted in sales growth and significant increase in engagement scores.

CEO: Need: poor communicator, lacked trust in team, failed to delegate, difficult to work with.

Result: Through 6 months of coaching, uncovered obstacles preventing behavior change - trust is higher, strategically delegated to new COO, communication has improved greatly - team alignment and trust for first time in 20 years. Still developing.

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Quickly gained trust

Senior Vice President Sales

Kelley's ability to connect, quickly gain trust, drive change and business results with different people across an organization is her ‘sweet spot’.

Highly effective


Kelley helped us quickly distill the habits and behaviors that were getting in our way of performing and delivering at a high level. She quickly gained the teams's trust and led us to achieve lasting changes in behavior.