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Ken Katzeff

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I am a highly versatile and experienced executive coach who has helped senior executives and emerging leaders, vital employees and teams reach their full leadership potential. Since no one size that fits all, I provide a "client-centered" approach to meet the needs of the coachee and client organization in order to gain optimal results. I have worked within a variety of companies, across different industries and markets to ensure that strategy, leadership and business priorities are aligned. This has given me a strong appreciation for the value that coaching has for producing positive behavioral changes that directly impacts every organization and every individual with whom I have worked.

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Executive Coaching. Typical engagements span 3 – 6 months with some last up to one year. Apply a 4 step process:

1. Assess Need: Identify the real need and development issues through interviews with the coachee/client, client’s manager and other stakeholders; Conduct appropriate assessments, e.g., 360 degree feedback, customized to gather additional and relevant data.

2. Set Goals and Contracting: Set coaching goals and define the rules of engagement including roles, expectations, outcomes/results, timeframes, etc. Contracting includes both a Coaching Agreement and Action Plan

3. Conduct Coaching/Assess Progress: Implement a client-centered approach that adapts to the client’s preferences, style and needs. Provide status updates on progress of coaching assignment; identify additional needs and provide recommendations.

4. Create End-of-Engagement Plan: Assess effectiveness of coaching engagement and define additional steps and actions client will take to ensure long-term development.

Transitional Coaching a similar approach to data collection, goal setting and coaching and can also include: handling different type of interviews - screening, phone, individual and group, research and marketing, resume writing and/or editing, Behavior Event Interviewing (BEI) interviewing - preparation and practice, handling difficult question, salary negotiation and using questions to manage the interview process

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Ken started his career providing leadership and professional development training to new and mid-level managers. He quickly rose through the ranks to become Head of Executive Development and Training for Prudential Relocations services and Philips, U.S. The credibility he established by consistently aligning learning with each organization’s business needs allowed him to become a trusted advisor and coach to senior leadership.

Ken moved into the consulting field where he became both head of Product Development and Human Resources for Juran Institute, Inc., a leader in Quality Management. There, he led project teams in the design, development, and evaluation of training systems and workshops. Ken was also a consultant within Towers Watson Learning and Development Practice where he conducted multiple client engagements. Over the last 15 years, Ken has managed his own consulting firm where he specializes in Talent Development, Executive Coaching and Performance Improvement. Projects included: leading the development of global executive leadership programs and developing world-class succession planning processes, providing targeted executive coaching, career and transition counseling, developing leadership competencies, defining strategies to identify high-potentials and creating a pipe-line of talent, facilitating teambuilding off-sites and was involved in post-merger integration projects.

Ken holds a Master’s degree in Counseling from Bank Street College. He is certified in Lominger’s Leadership Architect ® Competency process. He has been an adjunct faculty member at Pace University and Fordham University’s Human Resource Graduate Program.

Case Study 1: Taking on a more senior role: Chief Executive, Latin America When I started the engagement, Todd’s boss considered him an outstanding senior executive and an outstanding contributor to the organization, his career was at a “cross-roads.” While Todd was more than capable of taking on greater responsibilities, he needed to become open to making changes to his management style if he is to be successful in taking a greater leadership role. Throughout the four months we work together, Todd was a willing and active participant. He understood the reasons for the engagement, always sharing his perspective and eager to improve skills.

I believe that the actions that Todd has taken since we started working together demonstrates that he has overcome his initial resistance and is committed to doing what he needs to do to be successful in his new role, heading up the South American region. Todd and his manager continued to meet regularly to formalize his new role and developed a plan for how Todd can continue to develop his leadership skills.

Case Study 2: Becoming a Senior Vice President: When I first met Kim, she had already had worked with an executive coach to help her acquire the skills to become a Senior Vice President. While Kim made progress, she became frustrated with the slow pace of change and decided she wanted someone who was more directive and provide practical insights and solutions.

Our engagement lasted, on and off, for seven-months. During this time, Kim continued was able to develop more effective relationship-building behaviors and a more collaborative communication style. We conducted a full 360 Degree assessment which helped her become more aware of how her communications impact those around her. Kim has also begun to vary her style depending on whom she is working with which has helped her create more effective and productive relationships.

She also began actively reach out to colleagues, particularly the CEO and other senior leaders, to build better bridges and to strengthen their relationships. Her presentations to the Board are more concise, informative, and well-reasoned. Kim also solidified a plan to assess her team’s strengths and restructure her department. This allowed her to delegate more of her work load and get greater productivity from her team and achieve her business goals. This has helped Kim enhance her status as a senior executive which ultimately led to her being promoted to Senior Vice President.

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High level of skill

CEO, Latin America at Omnicom Media Group

Ken demonstrates a high level of leadership and professional skill in his work by engaging with the individuals under his executive coaching in ways that drive results. I would recommend Ken's executive coaching to assist high potential employees breakthrough to the next level of responsibility or assignment.

Insightful and strategic

Karen Curran Robilotta, SPHR, CHRO

Ken is an insightful, strategic, performance consultant and coach. He recently worked with our CEO and me to redesign our performance management process. We are very pleased with the results and all senior leaders, including our CEO, now consider Ken a trusted advisor.

Professional and productive

Michelle Benvenisti; Director, Training at WebMD

WebMD hired Ken as a consultant as our 360 Talent Assessment Coach to provide constructive feedback and as a partner in designing the strategy and framework for a High Potential Program. Ken is truly impressive. As a coach to me, he was able to quickly build trust, maintain a positive, productive conversation and provide concrete guidance to ensure the plan had personal and professional impact.