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Laurie Matthews

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I coach people who want to figure out their “true north”, and move towards reaching their goal – be it tackling a job search, stepping back in a career transition to reflect on what’s most meaningful, or improving performance at work and in life. I relish working with a client to listen for the truth and push for the insights that open possibilities, with creativity, energy, and support. Combining my front-line business experience of 20 years in marketing and advertising with 7 years at Harvard Business School in Career & Professional Development, I coach a variety of men and women - professionals in business, education, and the arts, company founders, and students – to help shape their goals, develop their personal brand and achieve success. Specialties: Bringing thoughtful sensitivity and creative focus to a client’s needs. Confidence building in career transitions; finding one's path amid a herd, creating and owning one's action plan, and helping people pay attention to their true happiness.

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Career and business coaching. With a distinctive framework and method, I customize the approach to fit my client’s needs.

Some examples – for engagements in Career Vision/What’s My Path work, provide assessment via exercises that help elicit deep interests and creative ways to reconsider options, then help you prioritize and explore different paths.

For Networking and Interview Prep, includes discussion of personal challenges in these settings, specific interview and networking practice and feedback. We can discuss what success looks like for any engagement upfront.

Career Coaching


Prepare for what’s next

  • Managing transitions
  • Find your passion
  • Know your strengths
  • Discuss career options
  • Change industries/job functions

Job Search

Land your dream job

  • Resume/LinkedIn/cover letter
  • Job search execution
  • Target companies/industries
  • Interviewing preparation
  • Networking
  • Compensation

Laurie has coached hundreds of individual clients across a wide range of industries and interests. Now in the 3rd chapter of her own career, at Harvard Business School in Career & Professional Development, Laurie’s coaching skills have developed over her 25+ years in the working world, first as a teacher, then an advertising agency leader.

Laurie partners with clients to find their “true north” as well as organizations on marketing and talent development. She has managed senior client relationships with global brand teams, as well as the 40+ HBS career coaches. No matter the client, Laurie loves working with them to listen for the truth and push for the insights that open possibilities, with creativity, energy, and support.

Getting her MBA at HBS ignited Laurie’s 20 year advertising career. Laurie has also developed and taught a college course on “Ethics in Advertising”, and consulted with NYC area colleges and the American Folk Art Museum on their marketing plans. She applies the skills of advertising management to coaching: careful listening, insightful brainstorming, and focused collaboration.

Laurie earned her MBA from Harvard Business School, her Masters in Education from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education and her BA from Bowdoin College. Laurie is an active volunteer in Boston’s South End, where she lives with her husband, and their sweet menagerie of two dogs and cats.

Case Study 1: MBA student / Career Switcher – A writer pre-HBS, not sure what function post-HBS fit her. After 2 sessions of career vision work, and her courage to ask tough questions of herself, her goal emerged: break into marketing – but only for an enlightened “green” company. After 2 more sessions on networking, interview and presence practice, she scored her dream job.

Case Study 2: Executive - He/she faced an unexpected lay off after 15 years of professional success; he/she lost MOJO and sense of confidence, needed help finding passion for next chapter, and guidance with tactics of effective search. We worked together for 7 sessions and the executive landed the job in which they are now “happy happy happy”.

Case Study 3: Attorney wanted to improve how her personal brand was perceived at the office to position herself better for a promotion – projecting leadership skills and more presence; honing relationship with manager; widening influence. At this writing, she reports improved 360” evaluations and is in discussions for a role with greater responsibility.

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Unique ability.

An Executive

"Laurie has this unique ability to 'see the root issues' along with how she helped me dig deeper and uncover aspects of my issues that I would not not have seen on my own. She is also able to draw from her own experiences which adds credibility and a genuineness."

Wise and warm.


“Wise and warm; insightful and direct in a compassionate way, Laurie is an expert superior coach, advisor, and mentor to people navigating tremendous change in their organizations and themselves. (And who isn't?) It is a privilege to know her and to have worked with her.”

Great experience.

An Executive

"Laurie listens so thoughtfully. She helped me crystallize my long term goals, and to realize what kind of role would be most meaningful, and leverage my interests as well as skills. She is easy to open up to, and incredibly respectful about one’s insecurities. And she makes the process enjoyable, if not downright fun. I’m very fortunate to have worked with Laurie."