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Maria Sullivan focuses on helping leaders to manage change and advance their professional development through coaching. Committed to delivering innovative and cutting edge leadership coaching and strategic change programs, Maria blends the latest research on the neuroscience of leadership with practical business and organizational change management experience to exponentially advance leadership effectiveness, self-awareness and capacity for change.

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I am an experienced executive coach, front line change leader, and management consultant providing individual coaching and consulting services in leadership development, role/career transitions, and organizational change management.

I specialize in coaching individuals and leaders responsible for leading large scale organizational change and those who are in the midst of career transitions or about to experience changes in roles and responsibilities due to organizational re- structuring, promotions, or succession planning fast-tracking. This includes coaching transitioning managers, directors, senior executives and business owners new to role, how to increase their effectiveness within the first 100 days of placement and co- creating individual development plans that help focus priorities and development in areas that will provide most value for them individually and for the organization.

My coaching approach incorporates intense listening, re-framing, powerful questions, and a focus on developing relevant practices for the client to learn and grow. Leveraging 20+ years of management consulting and coaching, I designed and employ a 4 phase coaching methodology that begins with self awareness and enables my clients to immediately practice what they have learned to resolve real life challenges in a way that positively impacts their lives and the lives of those with whom they interact.

This work is extremely rewarding and I never forget how blessed I am to be entrusted as a partner in all of my clients' journeys as they discover who they are, achieve their goals and transform their lives, careers, and organizations in the process.

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As a coach, Maria empowers her clients to harness their natural talents to achieve peak performance levels even in the midst of change or uncertainty. Her coaching philosophy has been heavily influenced by the Neuroscience of Leadership and its implications for long term sustainment of positive change outcomes. As a change strategist and consultant, Maria helps clients develop and implement change leadership programs that align with organizational goals to positively impact bottom line results and rescue the millions of investment dollars poured into change initiatives.

Maria draws upon her diverse experience as a front-line change leader, organization development strategist, executive coach, consultant, writer, and facilitator in her work with leaders, teams and organizations. Maria coaches leaders and teams in public and commercial organizations where her coaching clients have included leaders in organizations such as DuPont, MITRE, Capital One, USAF, Virginia Department of Game and Fisheries (VDGIF), New York City Retirement System (NYCERS), and the Better Housing Coalition.

Prior to launching a private coaching practice, Maria served as an executive coach and Senior Director of Leadership and Talent Management for a national consumer electronics retailer where she developed the company wide leadership development training, talent management and executive succession management program spanning all levels in the organization. As a Principal Director, she created and led the change management practice for a boutique management consulting firm based in Washington, DC. Maria also spent more than a decade with Accenture's Human Capital practice in New York City, providing change management, organization development, training and communication solutions for clients in the public and private sectors. While at Accenture, Maria led the Women's Diversity and Cornell University recruiting initiatives for the New York office and was a major contributor in the development of Accenture's methodology for Creating Sponsorship Networks, currently used by more than 100,000+ consultants worldwide.

Maria earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Labor Relations from Cornell University and a certificate in Leadership Coaching from Georgetown University. She has over 400 hours of professional coaching experience and is an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation. She is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources, a certified facilitator of William Bridges Leading Organizational Transitions and Ken Blanchard's Situational Leadership II courses, and holds memberships in the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), National Association of Small Women Business Owners (NASWBO), and Human Capital Institute (HCI).

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Executive Director, Fauquier Family Shelter

"It has been two or three weeks since the end of our 3-month coaching relationship and I want to thank you for all that you've made available to me in this remarkable process. I've participated in many seminars and ... never experienced the kind of change that I've discovered in working with you. You were so effective in assisting me in working out how to view and approach the crucial issues of my profession and life. I am still amazed at how behaviors turned around so suddenly in those last 4 weeks. You have been so very skillful in helping me to work past mere insight and move into practical, everyday change... All the best to you in helping others to find their source of energy and inspiration. And once again, thank you."

Positive impact.

Kevin Underwood, L&D Consultant

"There are times in our lives when we meet someone who create enduring, positive impact. Maria is one of those people. I worked with Maria as a Career Coach - she listened in a way that helped me identify where I was "in my own way" of increasing success, and to identify preventive thought habits and actions that I use daily. The output of that coaching process has enabled me to be much more on target with vision and therefore engaging others in change in a way that is creating return on investment in my work and for others as well as I employ new skills when engaging people. Maria brings a significant skill set and deep understanding of the change process, empathy, the coaching process and a practical understanding of how to use those tools to the advantage of those that embrace change. I highly recommend Maria and look forward to working with her again."

Enriching experience

Rebecca K. Gwynn

I have met few people who have really enriched my life in the way that Maria has. Her unique talent and skill set not only ensured that the VDGIF's leadership heard employees' concerns and frustrations, but also understood their passion and desires to help shape the future of the Agency. Personally, Maria has created in me a new awareness for and appreciation of the power of the spoken and written word. Every encounter that I have with Maria is a learning experience - it's as if someone has lifted the veil and turned on the stadium lights! I look forward to an ongoing partnership and would highly recommend Maria to others.