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Marie Dumas

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I have a passion for coaching leaders who want to increase their impact, succeed in a position of increased responsibility and complexity, or manage their team more successfully. I have deep expertise with global financial services firms. For over 25 years I've worked with leaders and organizations going through sustained change and am energized by the possibilities change brings to redefine and stretch our leaders, align teams, drive results, and define culture.

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Executive Coaching: Typically a 3 or 6 month engagement with minimum of 5 hours personal coaching time per month and additional time for feedback gathering and preparation. I take a holistic view with each client. Where are you now? Where do you aspire to go? Who do you aspire to be? I will partner with you for change and help you shift your energy toward new possibilities. Our work together will identify your strengths, assess the style you bring with you to work, clarify how other's see you "show-up", and uncover the stories you tell yourself, especially if they are limiting. The result is a development plan and actions to achieve lasting impact and breakthrough results.

Design and Facilitation with specialized focus in 3 areas: 1.) Leadership Development 2.) Team Building and Alignment 3.) Management skills.

Career Coaching

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  • Leadership skills
  • Communications
  • What it takes to get promoted
  • Managing large teams
  • First time manager
  • Presentation skills
  • How to run a meeting

Marie is a founding Partner in Pelham Performance Partners, a consulting firm specializing in executive coaching and organizational effectiveness strategies that deliver meaningful results through innovative work models and pragmatic leadership practices. Marie Dumas works with leaders and teams to shift their talents and energy towards new possibilities in a constantly changing business environment.

During her comprehensive career as Organizational Development and Learning Executive in Fortune 500 companies, she’s seen organizations change to meet client needs, to respond to the regulatory and competitive environment, to add new businesses, to re- organize, merge, downsize and streamline. Marie knows that while “change is constant”, we can’t get it done by way of memos, programs or events! We need to get our people on board, engaged and aligned, and our leaders need to focus not just on the head or “what” but on the heart or “how and why” to make that happen.

Marie’s most important and satisfying roles are behind the scenes coaching leaders as they transition to roles of increased responsibility or complexity where being successful means a new way of “showing up” and a new model of influence. Her goal is to help leaders into position to restate or reshape their organizations to meet the future needs of its clients and translate strategy to a set of actions which clarify goals, roles, work processes, expectations, and measures of success. With those key areas agreed, business leaders and are then able to gain aligned action.

Her professional experience includes JPMorgan, Time Inc., and the Alexander Consulting Group. Marie has a Master’s Degree in Instructional Design from the University of Massachusetts in Boston and holds numerous certifications including iCoach NY, MBTI, Hogan, and Advanced Team Building from NTL. Marie is the proud mother of an Eagle Scout and student at Fordham's Gabelli School of Business. She is wife of 22 years to fabulous husband, John. They make their home in Pelham Manor, New York. Marie and her family are heavily involved in a Rotary sponsored charity, Gift of Life, and have hosted children waiting for lifesaving heart surgery from Iraq, Haiti, and Belize.

Lisa, a high potential talent in a leading global financial services company, was a highly successful business leader who was transforming her organization through innovative and very client-centric processes. Her reputation in the organization as a change agent was exceptional but her staff rated her very poorly and her department suffered unprecedented turnover which prevented her from being promoted. By assessing stakeholder and staff feedback and reviewing selected preference instruments, Lisa was able to understand how her style mitigated her effectiveness and was able to set goals related to engaging her staff so they felt part of her vision and were better able to implement her strategies.

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