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Clients who work with me get a unique, tailored solution in the form of a repeatable process for success – one that helps leaders and emerging leaders become masterful communicators – sell your ideas, get buy-in and alignment, build business, deepen relationships, close more deals and to create the most powerful presence and impression.

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I facilitate coaching programs that help business leaders and emerging leaders become masterful in communication to leverage their skills and talents that achieve optimal business results. I advise them in communication strategies and skills that bring fast and long-lasting results through a distinctive multi-disciplinary approach.

It addresses driving growth and market share by differentiating yourself by really listening to your clients-to build deeper relationships. It's about having and using empathy to show how much you understand who they really are. That way you can be confident to ask for the business and to convey where and how you add value.You have the ability and confidence to access and engage leadership to discuss the strategic direction of their enterprise. Because of the bewildering pace of change, you want to make sense of it all and communicate its impact on each of your clients so that they have the right understanding to take the right action.

Together, we work on your mastery of communication- both verbal and non-verbal - to have the ability to present and communicate confidently with great ease. I've connected my extensive work in business communication, improvisation and voice training, to help you think on your feet and apply skills that help you to take calculated, high-yielding risks more readily by getting you heard.

Career Coaching

Build Your Skills

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  • Leadership skills
  • Communications
  • What it takes to get promoted
  • Managing large teams
  • First time manager
  • Presentation skills
  • How to run a meeting
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  • CEOs/C-level
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Family Business
  • Start-ups

I create and facilitate coaching programs to help leaders become masterful communicators. I help emerging leaders and leaders leverage skills and talents to achieve optimal business results. After 20 years of business management experience within world class corporations, I have for over a decade coached and advised senior executives in communication strategies and skills that drive greater business results. And it is through my experience and keen listening and observation of people striving in their roles to connect and succeed that I have built a practice to help leaders build their presence for greater impact and effect.

In addition, over several decades, I have myself trained with renowned Master Teachers in voice, movement, improvisation and acting technique and received a Masters degree from the New Actors Workshop, a conservatory in NYC. I draw on my extensive background in business management and theater and performance studies that augments her coaching - and dedicates herself to helping clients increase authenticity, expressivity and clarity of communication- both verbal and non-verbal- in order to achieve the highest personal and professional goals.

Through my studies and work, I am able to break down what mentally and physically can be done to create a natural, authentic and credible physical presence that builds deeper connection and persuades stakeholders to action. These techniques are used with my clients to help balance their intellect with their intuitive selves. They are better able to think on their feet and take risks more readily. In addition to her theatre performance and improvisation skills, I also have a large amount of business experience across all industries. My activities consist of helping leaders build demonstrated authenticity and deeper relationships with clients; training in successful presenting and selling techniques; preparing analysts for a variety of internal and external communication; preparing senior executives for road shows and high-stakes pitches; and preparing speakers for industry conferences.

Some of my clients have included Merrill Lynch; KPMG; AIG; JP Morgan Chase; Deutsche Bank; Citigroup; UBS Securities; Bank of America; BlackRock; Barclays Capital; Credit Suisse; Roche; Pfizer; Novartis Pharmaceuticals; The Hay Group; Microsoft; Dow Jones; Nielsen Media; Procter & Gamble; BlueMountain Capital; Coller Capital; Legg-Mason; OFI Global and Standard Bank. Prior to setting up my private practice, I spent six years at Rogen International, a global communication consulting firm.

"A global Pharma company identified business innovation as having the potential to be its next greatest discovery-”providing a new way to drive growth to create a more sustainable business model. The Innovation program's success was predicated on increasing employee engagement as the key factor in realizing its business goals. By coaching individuals on the worldwide Innovation team to have the ability to inspire and motivate its business leaders and colleagues to actively engage in the program. I delivered coaching to the specifics of each member of the team through a personal assessment, followed by experiential coaching sessions that applied business communication models with theatre and performance practices and learning for excellent results. Each leader was able to present this new model with great presence, impact, ease and confidence to drive employee engagement. They reported positive results and met the benchmarks sooner than anticipated.

A Director for Technology Strategy and Solutions for a global manufacturing company was incredibly passionate, intelligent, and full of important ideas for the success of the business. Because of a lack of presence, his enthusiasm gave the poor impression that he lacked focus. This caused him to lose the clarity of his thesis and the attention of his stakeholders. His role was dependent upon him interfacing with senior leadership and by not being taken seriously (having nothing to do with the real content of his message), he lost credibility. He lost respect due to his communication style, which lacked a stable/credible presence. Through coaching, he adopted techniques to show himself as strong, self-contained, grounded, and present in the moment. His passion was still there but channeled into a powerful presence. This executive was finally seen as authoritative, composed, powerful and, therefore, highly credible.

A C-level leader in a professional services firm needed to lead his team through a particularly difficult time. One-to-one with clients he was incredible. However, when speaking to a large internal group, he lost his powerful presence and the ability to exude confidence. After working with him using a combination of improvisation and voice training techniques, this leader was able to stand in front of his business unit and offer the leadership necessary during to carry the practice through trying times.

A senior director of Internal Audit at a large financial institution was having daily meetings with internal clients that she termed as highly contentious. She felt that she was not seen as powerful or credible in these situations. She felt blindsided and ill prepared to deal with the level of negative response she was confronted with consistently. By practicing the principles learned in our coaching sessions, she became very aware of how frozen and fixed she'd become in her communications, beliefs and manner. This awareness and practice moved her toward letting go of the behavior that was holding her back. She quickly gained skills and greater confidence to react more fully and powerfully in these high-pressure situations. She was able to connect to her audience more immediately, keep up greater control over the interactions without being fixed in her position, and more deftly move issues in a positive direction. She reported that these interactions were no longer contentious."

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Sr. Director, Global Pharmaceutical Company

"It was clear Martha understood our business imperatives and each individuals challenges and goals. The work was customized to our express needs. I took away tools to apply in my business to get the results I needed right away. Martha brings her expertise and energy that makes this program unsurpassed. She knows what you need and how to get you there. Working with her has changed the way I communicate and build relationships...it has changed the way I do business. The work took me and my practices way beyond what other programs have offered. This caliber of training is rare."