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Nicholas Virgilio

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I am a coach with over 20 years’ experience in leadership development. I help leaders achieve their goals and develop to their full potential by building a relationship based on mutual trust and understanding reinforced by confidentiality. I listen intently to what they are and are not saying, put myself in their shoes and see the challenges they face from their unique perspective. At the same time, I help my clients appreciate how others might interpret their actions and the impact of their actions on others and their success. Most importantly I help them find and take creative, yet realistic steps that will enable them to achieve their goals. I use various tools to assist my clients throughout the coaching process, including but not limited to assessments that identify leadership, personality, communication styles and emotional intelligence, 360 feedback, role playing, and visualization techniques.

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I work with leaders at all levels of organizations helping them effectively: • communicate and motivate their staff • implement and manage change initiatives • delegate • motivate their staff • build and maintain high-performance teams • resolve conflicts • manage performance • manage stress. I also design and deliver leadership and teambuilding workshops helping organizations identify and develop leadership skills that will ensure future individual and organizational success.

The duration of a typical coaching engagement is 6 – 12 months and consist of five parts:

1. Meeting with the client and stakeholders to discuss the coaching process, our roles and responsibilities, identifying their goals to determine if we are a good fit

2. Helping the client identify his/her strengths and developmental needs and how they relate to them achieving their goals

3. Co-creating a detailed action plan for accomplishing the client’s goals

4. Meeting with the client on a weekly basis, having the client decide what specific actions he/she will take to achieve their goals, discussing and reflecting upon the results of his/her actions, and identifying obstacles he/she faced and how to overcome them

5. Meeting with client and interested stakeholders to discuss and evaluate the engagement and identify next steps to take to maintain momentum and further meet the client’s needs

Career Coaching

Build Your Skills

Be the best at what you do

  • Leadership skills
  • Communications
  • What it takes to get promoted
  • Managing large teams
  • First time manager
  • Presentation skills
  • How to run a meeting

Prior to coaching I held positions with several organizations:

• RCA Service Company - acted as a consultant for the development of multimedia training programs for the United States Army.

• Evaluation Technology Incorporated - managed several multimedia-training programs for the US Army.

• Merrill Lynch Inc. - performed several roles within different divisions, including Senior Instructional Designer, Assessment and Evaluation Consultant, and Assistant Vice President in Leadership and Management.

• EmblemHealth - spearheaded its coaching team providing developmental and performance coaching for leaders at all levels; identified leadership skills that helped the organization meet its present and future goals and created workshops to cultivate them.

I graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Temple University and have a Master's of Liberal Arts in History and a Master's of Education in Organizational Development. My professional organizations include the Organizational Development Network, and American Counseling Association. I am a certified coach and use various assessments to help teams and individuals meet their full potential. They include: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), DiSC Personal Profile, Group Development Questionnaire(GDQ), Emotional Intelligence Competency Inventory (EQ MAP) Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI), Communication Inventory (Johari Window) and 360 Feedback.

A native of Philadelphia, I presently reside in the Princeton, NJ and spend my free time volunteering as a tutor for the NJ Adult Literacy Program, auditing philosophy classes at Princeton and Rutgers University and exercising.

Case Study 1: I was asked to coach a director of a marketing department. Her VP told me that although she was excellent at marketing, she had difficulty communicating with her staff and colleagues, which prevented her from leading effectively. In fact, it threatened her future advancement. We spent our first meeting getting to know one another and determined her coaching goals.

She told me that her VP had told her that she had to “work on” her communication style and that it was having a negative impact on her performance and future career. She said she had tried all the communication “tricks” taught in leadership classes, but she had to meet deadlines, causing her to be “direct, honest, and at times abrupt.” She also stated that she knew it was important to her team and career that she change and that she was willing to give it an honest try. I asked her to take assessments to identify her leadership and communication styles. I also asked if I could interview her colleagues and staff. She agreed to both.

Interviews with her reports and staff confirmed her VP’s evaluation of her communication style and its impact on the team. Her reports and colleagues admired her knowledge, skills, dedication and ability to get things done. On the other hand, they mentioned she was not a good listener; frequently interrupting and coming across as abrupt and uncaring. When presented with this feedback, she was somewhat surprised by the impact that her style was having on others. This awareness made her determined to work with me on improving her communication skills and become a more effective leader.

The assessments revealed that her leadership style was that of a leader who was direct, honest, fast paced and outspoken. Although her assessments identified many strengths at the same time they revealed strengths that when used to the extreme could become obstacles to her leading effectively. We spent the remaining sessions identifying specific circumstances that caused her to revert to ineffective communication styles, and how to switch to more productive communication styles. We accomplished this by role playing, visualization techniques and practicing active listening skills.

At the end of the engagement I interviewed her staff and colleagues. All reported a significant change and improvement in her communication resulting in higher morale, motivation and productivity.

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A real asset.

Bill Sacrey, Sr. Director

I have found Nick to be a real asset in driving performance enhancement. He is dedicated and tenacious in making the good people excellent performers, and working with the marginal ones to be good. Most helpful is his actionable feedback to management to assure sustained improvement.

A true professional.

Idris Demirci, CEO/President, Pakmak Ltd.

Nick conducted developmental coaching sessions with me in 2011 while i was a director of Contracts Management at a major healthcare firm in North East. Nick is a true resource and professional. With Nick's strategic direction, availability, timely response, courses, books, videos he suggested, I was able to minimize my weaknesses and strengthen my abilities. I did attend many courses, seminars at top colleges, universities in the past and what Nick offered was one of the best I have ever received. I highly suggest Nick's developmental coaching sessions to anybody who wants to improve his skills in life or move to upper levels in corporations.

Engaged and enthusiastic.

Jill Loewenthal, Director of Creative Services

In working with Nick I found him to be engaged, enthusiastic, insightful and supportive. He helped me see myself as others did, identify and improve weaknesses and increase strengths. The working relationship felt personalized and nurturing. Nick presents the less pleasant observations in a way that is easy to accept. Everything you want in a coach. I attribute my success as a better leader in large part to Nick's influence.

Creative, trustworthy and honest.

Corinne O'Connell, Director, L&D

As Director of Learning & Development at EmblemHealth, Nick reported to me as a Senior Learning & Organizational Development Specialist. One of Nick's responsibilities was in the capacity of a Leadership Developmental Coach. He was the sole coach for the organization and due to the success he had with his leadership coaching, Learning & Development had a long wait list of leaders requesting coaching. To enable more leaders to be coached in a more timely manner, I had three Sr. Learning & Development Specialists attend a coaching certification program through Coach Training Alliance. For continuity, I had Nick attend the certification program as well and named him Lead Coach of the team. As Lead Coach, Nick's responsibilities included selecting the coaching assignments for each member of the team, creating the master coaching schedule, establishing the coaching tools the team used and coaching each team member before, during and post coaching engagements. Nick coached all levels including Vice Presidents and feedback from his sessions from his coachees was always positive and evaluations noted an appreciation of his professionalism, trustworthiness, creative solutions and honesty. Feedback from managers of those being coached was that they were pleased with the positive behavior change(s) in their staff members and gratitude for both his development and performance based coaching outcomes. It was my pleasure to have Nick as Lead Coach due to his successful coaching of both the coachees and the Sr. Learning & Development Specialists on the Learning & Development Coaching team.