14 Years Experience

Pelin Aldatmaz

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I provide customized career guidance and solutions for students, individuals in career transition, and professionals. I help high school, college and university students explore career options that fit their interests, strengths and motivational needs and get a head start on career planning. I also assist young and experienced professionals in personal branding, job search, career transition and professional development. I use a comprehensive set of tools and resources including the Birkman assessment, LinkedIn and other social media, resume and cover letter, networking techniques, interview preparation and salary negotiation to help clients achieve career goals.

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If you are a high school, college or university student trying to figure out a college major

If you are a recent graduate trying to figure out a first career or a new career

If you are a working professional looking for other job or career opportunities

If you are out of work, looking for a job and trying to figure out what you want to do next with your life

If you are an experienced professional trying to improve your management, leadership and communication skills

Career Coaching


Prepare for what’s next

  • Managing transitions
  • Find your passion
  • Know your strengths
  • Discuss career options
  • Change industries/job functions

Job Search

Land your dream job

  • Resume/LinkedIn/cover letter
  • Job search execution
  • Target companies/industries
  • Interviewing preparation
  • Networking
  • Compensation

I am a New York University Certified Coach and a Birkman Certified Consultant specialized in career management and professional development. I bring eleven years of corporate experience from two leading financial institutions into the world of coaching. I leverage my working experience in diverse work environments to provide customized career guidance and solutions to a broad range of individuals from different cultures. I hold an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential awarded by the International Coach Federation.

My background is in finance and banking. I received a BA in Economics from Marmara University in 1999, and an MBA in International Business & Marketing from the George Washington University in 2001.

I began my career in the World Bank Group and worked as an Analyst at the Global Financial Markets and the Independent Evaluation Group of the International Financial Corporation in Washington D.C. between 2001 and 2005. I was the key analyst in several post-investment evaluation studies for various markets, sectors and countries.

I joined HSBC Corporate Banking in 2005, and through 2012, worked as a Senior Credit Analyst covering a large portfolio of Turkey’s top-tier local and multi-national corporate clients active in energy, telecom, automotive, steel, construction, pharmaceuticals, FMCG, manufacturing and retail industries. I analyzed financial and operational performance of the companies, provided comprehensive market and industry analysis, and identified the critical issues that affected credit decisions.

I decided to reinvent myself and left the corporate life to pursue a career path in coaching and consulting. I moved to New York City and completed the Coaching Certificate Program at New York University in 2012. In order to bring a more solid foundation and a broader range of skills to my coaching model, I got certified in the use of a sophisticated career and business management tool, the Birkman Method, in 2013. Also, I received mentor coaching from a Master Certified Coach in New York to fulfill the requirements of International Coach Federation (ICF) Certification and attained my ACC credential in 2014. I am a member of the ICF and the ICF New York City Chapter.

Art is a very important aspect of my life. I draw and paint realistic human figures and portraits with traditional techniques of graphite, pastel, acrylic and oil on canvas and paper. I am a life-long fan of Matisse and Picasso, and I regularly visit MoMa, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Istanbul Modern Art Museum.

A Client Success Story

Sometimes our strong interests get ignored and forgotten because of education and school systems, influences from family and friends, and other life demands. But, it is never too late to make the best use of our biggest interests and talents, and make work more rewarding for us.

A few months ago, I worked with a client who was a senior financial analyst in the finance department of a major multinational company. When she came to me, she was showing clear signs of burnout, stress, frustration and lack of motivation. Her job performance was slipping and she was facing interpersonal problems at work. When she took the Birkman assessment, I wasn’t surprised that her interests were not in the Yellow quadrant, but in the Green quadrant in close proximity to the Blue quadrant.

While her job involved mainly repetitive numerical and clerical tasks (Yellow job tasks), her interests lied in selling, promoting, motivating, persuading and teaching combined with creating new approaches. Seeing this information, we started exploring a fulfilling career path for her. She’s now teaching foreign languages to her private clients and her business is thriving. When I last talked to her, she sounded happy and satisfied and said that she was now doing what she always dreamed of doing as a little girl.

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Warm and engaging

Sevgi T.

The Birkman Assessment has been an enjoyable and extremely useful experience for me. Anyone, regardless of age and occupation, can be unaware of many things about themselves and that might be having a huge impact on their job performance and satisfaction. By taking this assessment, I have discovered not only my strengths and motivational needs, but also how I could use them to my advantage in my personal and professional life. I'm very thankful to Pelin for coaching me while warmly and engagingly explaining my results. I feel empowered to communicate with my staff and and clients more effectively and run my business more successfully.

Highly recommended

Stephanie B.

I was struggling to get a job and determine my career path when I decided to get help from Pelin. She knew instinctively what questions to ask so she could craft a brilliant resume and cover letter and help me define my personal brand. I went from feeling hopeless in my job search to being confident that I had an identity that would get me a job. I highly recommend her.

Sound advice

Tolga T.

With Pelin as my coach, I have become more focused in my career aspirations and acquired a new approach with my professional branding. Our work together has enabled me to attain the tools that tell my career story and highlight my goals, strengths and accomplishments. She provided practical analysis, structured approach and sound advice that took me beyond the usual with a new perspective. Her background as a corporate banker and an MBA grad makes her an important source in career development. I hope and plan to extend my personal and professional relationship with her.

A fresh perspective

Oscar D.

I met Pelin years ago when we both worked for IFC-World Bank in Washington DC. Our paths crossed again recently just at the time I needed to position myself better for a new business initiative. Pelin put a fresh perspective on my professional profile and brought a quick turnaround to my resume. She knows how to gather and organize thoughts, and articulate strengths and achievements in clear, concise statements. She pays much needed attention to important details that help make up the big picture. In my opinion, Pelin would make a valuable contribution to anyone’s career aspirations.