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june 2015
If it has been at least five to 10 years since you last searched for a job, you’ll find a curious change in today’s employment market. More and more jobs are “hidden,” or not visibly advertised to job seekers. In fact, experts estimate that over 80 percent of today’s available jobs are not advertised.
may 2015
With their twelfth batch of companies set to demo to investors and the press next week, 500 Startups is announcing the thirteenth batch of companies to go through its accelerator.
january 2015
According to Laumeister, career coaches can discover job seekers’ strengths and teach them how to articulate those strengths to prospective employers, but they’re especially adept at helping job seekers understand their weaknesses. “It’s hard to really look at yourself in a mirror and say, ‘I’m not good at something,’ to have that self-awareness,” Laumeister says. “A career coach is trained to figure that out.”
december 2014
Online staffing has experienced explosive growth as more and more companies realize the value of leveraging the internet to source and manage their contingent workforce. Online staffing platforms are growing at 60 percent per year, and there are no signs of that growth diminishing. This boom is also accelerating the growth of the freelance economy.
december 2014
Fortune 500 organizations and technology startups are among companies starting to understand the benefits executive coaches can bring to the table. As a result, executive coaching has become more mainstream in corporate America, and it’s not just for CEOs anymore. It is not uncommon for coaches to work with entire leadership teams and other high-potential managers at the VP and director levels.
november 2014
Startups are a lot like a football team at the beginning of the season. You need the right amount of talent, technical skills, leadership, and vision to excel in competition. And you need the right coach to help bring out the best in each individual player and the team as a whole.
October 2014
Selling your business is tough. Understanding what is best for you, your family, employees, shareholders, and your customers takes planning, thought and, if possible, the help of a trained professional coach.
October 2014
Online labor marketplaces that allow consumers and businesses to contract with freelance labor services are growing quickly, and represent an exciting new growth area for e-commerce over the next five years.
august 2014
The service industries account for 68% of the United States GDP and four out of five jobs, but until now e-commerce growth has been dominated by product sales from the likes of Amazon, eBay, Staples, Wal-Mart and Best Buy. That is changing fast as just in the last few years the growth of new services marketplaces have exploded and provide us a glimpse of what is possible in the future.
august 2014
You’re an HR leader and you want to improve your organizational performance, create happier and more engaged employees, reduce turnover, or just figure out how to get more done in your company without stressing everyone out. Consider these five points when thinking about how a coach can help.