20 Years Experience

Richard Manders

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I am a CEO/Leadership team coach focused on bringing out the best in middle market firms and their leaders, ($5-200M). I am driven to make a positive measurable difference for the leaders of businesses. Working with the CEO/founder and their leadership team, I help them scale their business through my unique perspective as an outsider and all I have learned as a entrepreneur, CEO, board member, lifelong learner, leader, father and a 2x ironman finisher.

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-Ongoing coaching for the CEO and leadership team

-Business and leadership assessment

-Strategic planning

-Align software deployment

-Meeting facilitation

My ideal client is the owner and/or leader of a growth firm and some/many of these apply:

* You have hit a plateau in your growth

* Struggling with your teams leadership development

* Having issues with accountability and delegation

* Feeling out of balance with family, personal and work commitments

* Worried that you are missing out on trends that could significantly hurt or help your business

* Struggling with the growing complexity of the firm- your systems simply are not working anymore

* Developing a plan, strategy or model for growth

* Making the transition to sale or partnering with a financial backer (PE or VC)

* Not sure of the next steps, should I Grow, Sell or Harvest? We can help!

With years of experience, (I have "been there and done that" for all of the bulleted items above) I have a proven framework and processes where we can address any or all of these challenges.

Executive Coaching

Grow Your Business

Get to the next level of success

  • CEOs/C-level
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Family Business
  • Start-ups

A serial entrepreneur, lifelong learner and student of business, I am dedicated to helping other entrepreneurs realize their vision through coaching and development. Over the past 30+ years:

• Co-Founded iAutomation with $0 in sales to become the industry leading company with 140 employees and ~$80M in sales. Profitable from Q3 onward for more than 15 years at 5~10 times the industry average.

• Brought in and developed leadership team to run the business and now currently serve as an outside director and consultant.

• Successfully sold two companies: iAutomation to the leading private equity firm in the middle market (Riverside) and CSI to a rollup consortium.

• Played key role in seven acquisitions and dozens of evaluations (on both buyer and seller side). I have a deep understanding of how to value, qualify for strategic fit, merge, optimize and grow combined enterprises.

• Since 2007 worked hand in hand with The Riverside Company the leading private equity firm in the middle market, (our major shareholder in iAutomation) and grew the company 8 fold during this time.

• Recruited, interviewed, hired and developed dozens of professionals that are leaders in their/our industry.

• Developed sales strategies, CRM and funnel management systems, marketing and deployment plans that resulted in above-market results everywhere I have worked.

• Developed a large knowledge and contact base through membership and board level participation in EO (Entrepreneurs Organization) over a 13 year period.

• Lifelong learner. Attended hundreds of seminars, read hundreds of books and worked with many thought leaders on Business Management, Sales, Personal Development, Coaching, People skills, negotiation and more.

• Trained thousands in technical sales and support. Able to break down difficult technical concepts and convey clearly. • Honed my skills as a public speaker.

• Traveled extensively worldwide building market and support channels in the US, Far East and Europe.

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Brilliant and hardworking

SVP of Innovation

Rich is a hardcore, hardworking, brilliant guy that gets results - AND he has a human softer side that comes out in bike rides and post competition camaraderie Rich is a true talent and can be counted on to provide sage advice and counsel fro his extensive experience.

High performance results

Founder and President

Rich has a rare talent of cutting to the heart of a business problem and connecting the right knowhow and people to knock it out of the park. He is a catalyst for high performance results. I have worked with and around Rich for more than 15 years, and I'm still leveraging his talents.

Instrumental experience

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

I’ve known Rich for about 5 years as part of an EO Injected forum. Rich has spent the last 20+ years reading all the books, learning best practices and successfully implementing a growth and exit strategy in his own business. Rich’s advice and experience sharing has been instrumental in helping me drive Evolution forward. If you are an entrepreneur that wants to truly scale your business, hiring a coach of Rich’s caliber will ultimately save you time and money.