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Roopa Unnikrishnan

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I work with senior and mid-career executives and non-profit leaders, as a strategic partner. Together we explore their career goals, identify barriers and action steps, practice new behaviors and mindsets, build capability with new tools and help the client with their accountability with clear plans for moving forward. A history of more than 15 years in advisory roles and formal coaching roles has helped me support my clients as they face tremendous growth, transitions as they grow into management and leadership roles, and make transitions across industries and jobs. I leverage the skills and knowledge accumulated over my years in strategy, innovation and organization effectiveness roles in multiple companies - identifying strategic opportunities, establishing company-wide innovation tools, driving culture and selected strategic projects. I have helped leaders, teams and organizations translate vision and strategy into structural change, team building and re-alignment, and change programs. A Certified Master Coach, I adhere to the ICF code of ethics.

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Roopa Unnikrishnan is an executive coach with 15 years of experience in roles where she has seeded and driven change in several Fortune 500 companies. In her strategy, innovation and organization effectiveness roles at BlackRock, Pfizer, Citibank and Katzenbach Partners LLC, she identified strategic opportunities, established company-wide innovation tools, helped drive culture, talent and strategy projects.

Unnikrishnan founded Center10 Consulting in 2012, and has since then brought those experiences to bear helping clients in consumer electronics, construction and digital media to transform their strategy, culture and organization to drive for innovation.

In her role as Executive Advisor of the Center for Talent Innovation, she works with the CTI team in their thinking around global issues, such as integrating innovation practices into operational and organizational initiatives and client work.

Roopa’s approach to Executive Coaching is built around a core strategic framework, with insights on leadership styles and personal preferences wrapped around. This process allows and executive to frame their personal development the same way a strong company would define its direction and culture - with precision as well as openness to new emerging information to drive to continued impact.

A Rhodes Scholar who completed both an MPhil in Economic and Social History and an M.B.A. at the University of Oxford, Roopa also has a varied extracurricular life, being both a published poet and a world-class athlete in sports riflery. She captained an Oxford University team and won many medals for her nation in the International arena. In 1999, she received the Arjuna Award from the President India, the highest sports prize in the country. Roopa is a trustee at the T Taraknath Das Foundation for India-America understanding.

A Typical Coaching Engagement: When a VP at a major financial services firm felt "stuck" in his career, he reached out to Roopa for a discussion. In a series of in-depth sessions, Roopa and her client dived into a few models of evolution that raised a few options:

Identifying key content and behavioral capabilities that could be fortified for ongoing success within and beyond using Myers-Brigg and Firo-B assessments and 360 interviews with his supervisor, direct reports and peers.

A review of the client's degrees of freedom on learning new industries and functional skills, geographical flexibility and scenarios of the future.

Identifying key trends and the probability of them coming to pass, and constructing career scenarios.

The client was motivated to build out his network, took leadership in a non-profit, and then faced the reality that changes in the financial services industry did not provide him a vision of the future that matched his core values and goals. He has since relocated to a leadership role in a Green Industry that has increased his functional responsibilities, with a larger team, and with significant upward mobility options for his career

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Great strategic partner

Yojna Verma

Roopa is a great strategic thought partner, and was part of my journey as I set out my goals and transitioned to my new role at a new company. I recommend Roopa for anyone who is going through transitions and is looking for guidance (and more formal coaching).