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Alison Walling

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I am an executive coach and organizational development consultant focused on helping individuals and organizational teams. I work to identify relevant and realistic goals to address workplace opportunities and challenges. I believe in "client enabling" coaching where you are not dependent on a coach for success. Rather, the coach helps elicit the client's best thinking, which often does not take place in traditional workplace settings--commonly due to lack of time and a bias towards short-term rapid productivity over medium- to longer-term effectiveness.


I have worked primarily with NYC management teams in healthcare, financial service firms and technology start-up's. What's best for my client is what's best for me. I spend time upfront ensuring the client is comfortable that we are a "fit" before proceeding.

I collaborate with the client to create professional development programs tailored to meet specific needs and goals of executives. For example, a managerial team may be in need of a toolkit for handling challenging conversations during an reorganization of the firm. Below are a list of services available to meet the firm's needs:

Executive Development Program Design: based on a needs analysis, which can include interviews, focus groups, performance review analysis, organizational culture surveys, validated assessments, client pre-work such as personal case reports. The client is actively involved starting from the design stage. We design a learning and development program with activities that teach the "toolkit" through applied experiential learning methods.

Program Facilitation: The rollout of the program is adapted real-time, which means the content and activities are always flexing to the professional's needs. The program structure is not static as the facilitator adapts the program to the client’s progress and evolving needs.

Post-Program Continued Learning: A ‘train the trainer’ model is encouraged, where program participants are grouped in triads and continue with peer coaching around their respective developmental areas. Executive Coaching: Embedded in most program designs, coaching is used to focus on unique individual needs and action plans.



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