30 Years Experience

Anita Attridge

Coach Message

I enjoy providing insightful and supportive coaching to leaders in job transition and leaders who want to increase their leadership, influence and change management skills. When coaching you about your Career or Job Transition, I use proven career strategies and techniques to help you clarify your career and job search goals and...to be able to successfully manage a job search in today's competitive marketplace.


As a Certified Career Coach, Anita focuses on every aspect of career search internally and/or externally.  To establish your career and job search goals. Clearly and define your goals and targets using assessments. Develop compelling job search marketing materials: Ensure that your resume, “pitch” and LinkedIn Profile differentiate you from your competition.  Define how you will proactively manage your search. Strategically use techniques to gain visibility and position yourself for potential job opportunities. Interview with confidence and strategically follow-up.  Learn about your “real role” in the interview to effectively plan, manage and follow-up after an interview. Skillfully negotiate the job and compensation package: Understand when salary negotiations actually begin and how to conduct win-win salary negotiations.



Create and execute a job search strategy that matches your skills and goals to the current job market.

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Find out what’s holding you back and learn the skills you need to get that promotion!


Work with a Coach to find a new career path and be happy at work again.


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Industry Focus

  • Publishing/Media

  • Pharma
  • Healthcare
  • Biotech
  • Banking/Finance


Cannot recommend highly enough

Legal Marketing Manager

I cannot recommend Anita highly enough. She has a wonderful talent for actually hearing what you are really trying to say. She has plenty of experience, which enables her to quickly understand and analyze different situations. Anita always makes herself available to discuss situations as they arise – considering how quickly career directions change, this is enormously valuable. Without interfering, she has allowed me to discover for myself the appropriate path I should take. Most importantly, Anita has helped me develop habits, which I hone daily, that will serve me well in whatever direction I decide to turn. That sort of guidance is priceless.

Invaluable resource


As a person who changed careers -- field, position, and geographic location all at the same time -- I was fortunate to have Anita in my corner. She supported my year-long process, encouraged me when I was doubtful, and gently guided me back to basics whenever I got off-track. And her experience as an HR professional was invaluable to me during salary negotiations. Anita always responded to my messages and concerns right away, and when I got the job of my dreams, I think she was more excited than I was! Thanks, Anita.

Serenity and strength


Serenity and strength is probably the best way to describe Anita.I had the chance to work with her during an intensive coaching session for executives and she really impressed me by her capability to listen. Anita was able with just one question or one word to move a complete team in another direction... the right one! I absolutely recommend Anita Attridge for any executives that would like a discreet wise advisor that do not look for the spotlight but for the right light. A true tranquil force!