25 Years Experience

Ann Parks

Coach Message

Ann is a former Fortune 500 senior executive who is currently an executive coach and leadership consultant. She applies her blue-chip business background to coach leaders and managers on how to perform at their highest potential. Ann believes that business professionals can leverage their natural talents and personality for success by using principles of clear communication, effective collaboration, enhanced relationships, active listening and compassionate leadership. These natural talents are identified through 360 interviews and an assortment of self-assessments such as Hogan, WorkPlace Big Five, Emotional Intelligence (EQi 2.0), and Myers Briggs.


Ann is an executive coach who partners with clients to increase self-awareness and promote overall success in their careers. She uses a number of tools to enhance the coaching process including: self-assessments (EQi, Hogan, Workplace Big Five, MBTI), 360 feedback, performance reviews, and one-on-one conversations. Engagements can be as short as one month or more typically between three and six months.

Ann enjoys working with clients who are striving to reach the next level be it CEO, Partner, SVP or VP.



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Find out what’s holding you back and learn the skills you need to get that promotion!


Work with a Coach to find a new career path and be happy at work again.


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Industry Focus

  • Banking/Finance
  • Consulting
  • Entertainment
  • Real Estate


Incredibly Positive and Illuminating

Senior Director Sales, Music Industry

“I’d like to express my sincere gratitude for your help…I found the insight and feedback to be incredibly positive and illuminating.”

Highly Recommended

President, Robinson Capital Corp.

“Ann Parks has an intuitive understanding of her Clients’ work environments. This helps her guide her clients to improve leadership skills and other key behaviors. I highly recommend her as an executive coach.”

Personal Energy and Genuine Interest

Global Applications Development Leader, DuPont

“I had the opportunity to work with Ann through both group and individual coaching as part of a Women’s Leadership initiative. Although each of us in our group had our own specific challenges and opportunities, Ann was able to quickly understand our individual situations and provide guidance and exercises that made a material difference in our abilities to understand ourselves better and more fully realize our potential. The tools and input Ann provided were invaluable, and more importantly, I feel her personal energy and genuine interest in us as people made the process very effective and rewarding.”