15 Years Experience

Ariane Hunter

Coach Message

I help career-conscious women & entrepreneurs go from good to great and take their careers to the next level. My methodology is grounded in introspection with a tactical approach towards long term success and fulfillment. I deliver transformational mindset shifts, game changing leadership skills, visionary planning, with simple, yet powerful action-oriented techniques that accelerates progress for my clients.


Having successfully managed her own career transition from full time employee to full time business owner, Ariane has confidently guided hundreds of her clients through their own career change and personal growth process. Her twelve years of professional experience in the areas of marketing, data management & analytics, creative direction, and entrepreneurship have helped her provide a real-world and practical perspective to her clients.



Create and execute a job search strategy that matches your skills and goals to the current job market.

get promoted

Find out what’s holding you back and learn the skills you need to get that promotion!


Work with a Coach to find a new career path and be happy at work again.


Need unbiased and expert advice? Not sure what to do next? Talk to a Coach first and then decide!

Industry Focus

  • Advertising

  • Banking/Finance
  • Apparel
  • Media


An honest and challenging guide


I feel so lucky to have worked with Ariane and am so appreciative to her for everything during our time together (and even now). We met during a very transitional time in my life when I was feeling lost and unsure of what direction to head next. Working with Ariane helped me to focus and understand my priorities so that I could successfully move forward. She is the perfect blend of cheerleader meets honest and challenging guide who ensures you are staying true and honoring the commitments you make to yourself while being a true advocate in your corner.

Helped me to zone in on my strengths


Ariane has helped me to zone in on my strengths, my passions, a higher calling, and all of this has created a clarity in my mind as to what I want and must do. It is with a childlike giddiness that I now welcome each day, and embark on the steps to creating my dream career. I cannot recall a time that I was as excited about the future as I am now, and I owe getting to this space of contentment and trust to Ariane’s coaching.



My work with Ariane proved to be invaluable. Through our sessions, I learned to trust my intuition, release negative blocks surrounding my personal and professional life, and ask for help. I also shifted my perspective in regards to building my business. Through our work, I saw how many opportunities are available to me to grow and promote myself. I highly recommend Ariane to any one looking to grow professionally and personally. Her guidance is truly a gift.