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Doug Sundheim

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Doug Sundheim is a Fortune 500 leadership consultant, executive coach, and business author in New York City with over 20 years of experience. The majority of his practice is helping senior leaders, team, and boards align and make decisions in tough situations. Doug has served more than 45 client organizations, many of who acknowledge his work as the most impactful of their career. Clients include Morgan Stanley, Barclays, Kraft, Time Warner, Panasonic, Harvard Management Company, and The University of Chicago. Doug has also worked with a handful of startups.


Senior Team Strategic Alignment: The majority of my clients hire me because they're having a difficult time making strategic decisions. They usually have a variety of insights about potential paths to take, but are struggling to get behind any one plan of attack as a group. As a result, trust is often low and tempers are starting to rise. I collect data through interviews and a variety of other sources (existing strategic plans etc) analyze it, and create a findings document that brings key issues into focus.

We then use that key issue analysis as the basis for a series of conversations (offsites, focus groups etc) that build deeper understanding, trust, and strategic alignment. Once the team aligns, I often I support clients in framing and supporting the ensuing strategy execution.

Executive Coaching: I also do one-on-one executive coaching, usually in the context of the strategic alignment process described above.



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“Doug has been instrumental in helping us understand our challenges and finding more productive paths forward. The changes we’re trying to make aren’t easy because they’re grounded in years of legacy behavior. Doug understands this complexity and doesn’t rely on formulaic answers, but rather tailored solutions that work for us.” -CEO

Excellent Coach.


“Doug helped us ‘get our act together’ for lack of a better term. Before his involvement we had a lot of good ideas but we had trouble moving them to action. He were instrumental in our ability to ramp up quickly and build a great product.”