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Create and execute a job search strategy that matches your skills and goals to the current job market.

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Like a warm friend

Senior Manager, ACME Business Consulting

Working with Tracey is like sitting next to a warm fire on a cold rainy day. Her warmth, care, and commitment to her clients and coaching itself shine through every interaction. She listens deeply, sees uniquely, and challenges kindly. As I was coming back to a new job after a long sabbatical, Tracey helped me grow through practical, emotional, and relational challenges in my new position. She helped me to see my limiting beliefs, to shape new beliefs and to bring skills I already had to bear in new ways – always holding a sacred space for me to be myself and to grow myself. I would not be the professional I am now without her help and I strongly recommend her as a coach.


Director of Professional Learning, AVID Center

Tracey was instrumental in helping me to set goals and create action plans for my leadership development. Through each milestone that I have achieved, Tracey has continued to nudge me gently in the direction of self-empowerment. The trusting, safe relationship that she establishes and her use of skilled questioning help me to reflect on where I currently am, where I want to go, and how I will actually get there.

Genuinely supportive

Senior Manager, Microsoft

Tracey has helped me work through challenges that seemed insurmountable. She asks poignant questions. And once you answer those questions, you’ve got a plan. Tracey creates a genuinely supportive and caring environment where I can openly discuss the factors that affect my professional life, no matter how personal.


Senior Manager, Microsoft

Tracey was instrumental in coaching our team through team-building. Tracey’s superpower is that she listens to what you say (and not say) and uses that to help you focus on what is truly important. The insights she was able to draw out, as well as her positive attitude, made you want to become a more effective leader and a meaningful member of the team.