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Todd Cherches

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I am an experienced executive coach with a specialty in management, leadership, and presentation skills. I help business professionals maximize their -- and their team's -- performance, productivity, and potential. With a unique and innovative visual thinking- and visual communication-based approach, I draw on my years of experience in the entertainment and media industries to help clients leverage the power of visual imagery, metaphor/analogy, and storytelling to creatively address their key leadership challenges. My "3 E's" ("Educate, Engage, and Excite") methodology is founded on the idea that by making just a few simple modifications to the way you think and communicate, you can dramatically improve your ability to manage and lead.

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Leadership development - Maximizing your personal leadership potential.

Management training - Tool, tips, and techniques to help you deal with your most pressing management challenges.

Executive coaching - Dealing with the most senior-level professional challenges.

Presentation skills - Improving your public speaking effectiveness.

Train-The-Trainer - Giving you the skills to train, coach, and develop your people.

Communication skills - Effectively getting your message out there to impact and influence others.

Teambuilding - Building and leading high performing teams.

Corporate Offsites - Getting out of the office to work on the business, instead of in the business.

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My expertise in leadership development, management training, and executive coaching focuses primarily around the areas of performance management, organizational effectiveness, communication, motivation, influencing, team-building and presentation skills/public speaking.

My prior management and leadership background includes associations with such top-tier training organizations as the American Management Association (AMA Management Course); Dale Carnegie Training (Leadership Training for Managers); and the London-based Centre for High Performance Development (Leadership Development Centre), and I was formerly the founder and head of the Liquidnet Leadership Institute. Over the course of my career, I have trained and coached thousands of employees, managers and senior-level executives at hundreds of companies in a wide variety of industries worldwide.

I graduated summa cum laude with a Master of Arts degree in Organizational and Interpersonal Communication from the State University of New York at Albany’s School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, and am a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), the Organizational Development Network (ODN), the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD), and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

I am also an adjunct professor at the NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS), where I teach "Transformational Leadership & Teambuilding” for their Leadership and Human Capital Management graduate program.

People often ask: "What do you mean when you say you use 'visual thinking' and 'visual communication' techniques in your coaching and training practice?" That means leveraging unconventional and out-of-the-box techniques such as mindmapping, napkin sketching, storyboarding, mental modeling, and metaphor/analogy for the purpose of idea generation, situational analysis, problem solving, and decision making.

Two quick examples:

Example 1: A coaching client, the VP of marketing for a global pharmaceuticals company was wrestling with a serious business dilemma. In one of the European countries for which he was responsible, sales in the booming Western region was stagnating under a less-energetic, close- to-retirement sales rep, while the more mature and settled Eastern region was stagnating despite being led by a newly-hired, highly-energized go-getter. By hand- sketching a map of the country, changing the dividing line from East-West to North- South, and then proposing the seemingly radical idea of reassigning geographic responsibilities between the two reps, a simple and game-changing -- previously unimagined -- solution was immediately revealed. Problem solved. That's the power of visual thinking in action!

Example 2: Using the classic Time Management (Importance/Urgency) Matrix tool popularized by Stephen Covey in his book, "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People," by having coaching clients plot and track where, how, and why the spend their time, we can help people improve both their efficiency and effectiveness. By finding ways to reduce interruptions, distractions, and time- wasters, and by managing time more purposefully and strategically, I've helped numerous business professionals to create the time and space to manage and to lead.

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Very helpful.

Seth Myers, Executive Vice President, New York City

"I really enjoyed my coaching work with Todd. He was very helpful in offering guidance, perspective and new tools/skills. Enjoyed the conversational style, based around a very flexible agenda. I've done my best to put the lessons, advice or strategy from the readings and topics we covered into practice. Thanks!"

Exceeded our expectations.

Jeff Schwartzman, Head of Learning & Development, Liquidnet

"I hired Todd to create a Leadership Institute here at Liquidnet. In a short amount of time he clearly exceeded our expectations in every way! He designed and delivered a full Leadership curriculum that was truly world-class. There are too many accomplishments to name them all, but I would have to say the top three highlights were the creation of our Executive Coaching Program; a full Innovation curriculum; and a world-class business resource library. Through good listening and information- gathering Todd showed an amazing ability to consistently diagnose and pinpoint the true business issue before going on to develop meaningful solutions. I fully endorse Todd as a consultant, trainer and executive coach who will add value to any organization."