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Whit Mitchell drives business leaders and executive teams to produce tangible, measurable results. A strategic partner to organizations, Whit draws on his expertise as an executive coach, facilitator and team builder to help businesses zero in on the key issues creating or blocking their success.

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At the core of Whit’s executive coaching program is a process called “Inner Circle Coaching”.

This methodology focuses on the individuals within a team and how they interact, perform and build deep relationships. Supported by an array of behavioral assessment tools and one-on-one coaching, Inner Circle coaching provides you and your team the tools and accountability to “work in sync”.

The Inner Circle Coaching process typically requires a 9 – 12 months commitment – with improvements in self-awareness, behavior and communication skills seen in the first month of working with Whit.

How It Works

Whit works with you to select an initial issue, behavior or goal to work on – then helps you clarify your intentions, create an action plan, identify success metrics and set up the logistics. You select between three to six people for your Inner Circle to evaluate your progress. This Inner Circle can include your boss, your boss’s boss, your direct reports, internal or external customers or peers, key strategic partners, your spouse/significant other, a best friend – essentially anyone who you are accountable to for your improvement. Whit spends time with each person in the Inner Circle to:

Explain their role and get commitment to your development

Describe the Four Commitments noted below

Encourage them to choose something to work on themselves

Encourage and help them to identify their own Inner Circle

Monthly calls/meetings are set up with you as well as each person in your Inner Circle to check on your progress – and their progress. Information from the coaching sessions is documented by Whit and incorporated into your action plan.

The 4 Commitments of Inner Circle Coaching

Let go of the past. Whatever happened in the past cannot be changed. By focusing on the future, we are focusing on improvement. We call this process “feedforward”, instead of feedback. Be helpful and supportive – not cynical, sarcastic, or judgmental. Reward those who are seeking improvement. Look for opportunities to praise and recognize good work. Tell the truth. When you are asked to give feedback about yourself or others, be clear, specific and truthful. Speak truthfully about behavior and its impact. Choose something to improve in yourself. When asked about what you’d like to improve in others, also select something to improve in yourself. This makes the process two-way; creating fellow travelers who are trying to improve, not judges who are pointing fingers.

Additional Things to Think About

What gets measured gets done. How will you measure your progress? These can be simple approaches, such as daily quick journals; score cards; dashboards, peer coaching calls, etc. Confidentiality. The purpose of the Inner Circle is to make sure you get honest support. This means honoring confidentiality by finding ways to communicate their information without jeopardizing privacy. We are all Coaches. While this is not a coach-training program, you will learn things about coaching others along the way that you apply in other aspects of your life.

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Whit Mitchell is an Executive Coach, Team Dynamics expert, author and professional speaker. He is the founder and CEO of his own company. Over the past 30 years, Whit has worked with a extensive variety of individuals and teams to discover and solve obstacles to success. Whit’s clients include a broad range of executives from Fortune 500 and regional companies, start-ups, non-profits – and even professional athletes! Using a method called Inner Circle Coaching, Whit helps individuals and teams to work more effectively, develop a system for success, and discover ways to build better relationships both inside and outside their organizations.

In addition to his expertise in Executive Coaching and Team Dynamics, Whit has worked with top executive development programs at Tuck School of Business, Harvard University and Columbia University. His work with athletes and coaches includes the U.S. Olympic Rowing Teams, Dartmouth College, The United States Coast Guard Academy and The University of New Hampshire. Whit is also the author of “Working in Sync”; an accounting of Whit’s coaching the ’86 Dartmouth crew and how their rowing experience propelled them to professional success. Whit and his wife Judy live in Hanover, New Hampshire.

Whit is the author of "Working in Sync" (2013), the story of how eleven Dartmouth athletes propelled their college sports experience into professional excellence. Marshall Goldsmith writes in the forward that, "Whit is an excellent communicator and storyteller whose anecdotes bring practical meatiness to the bones of team building creating a text of substance and value that you should not miss! I commend him for his passion to focus on the importance of teams and recommend that those who find themselves in leadership positions read this book and implement Whit’s wisdom into their own teams."

The Challenging Side of Growth

Can growth have a dark side? For many businesses, rapid growth has actually swamped their ship. This was not the case with Latva Machine Inc. (Latva), but Latva president, Mitch Latva, observed a few critical issues developing. As a smaller company, it had been easy to know what was happening on the floor at any given time. The increasing volume of work created a breakdown in communication. It was no longer possible to pick up a clipboard and see the progress of a project.

Collaboration Begins

Latva turned to well-known executive coach and business consultant, Whit Mitchell. His initial analysis revealed a need for far-reaching change, and Ron Price, considered a change agent, was engaged to help leadership take a look at the entire business operation.

Mitchell and Price recommended implementing a total quality management (TQM) process, including:

• Four days of training

• 12 months follow-up

• Executive coaching for five senior managers.

The goal? Increasing profit and creating up-to-date training, technology and communication processes. Training Energizes Four days away from work for the TQM training was worth every minute according to Mitch Latva. Learning TQM principles through real-life Latva situations engaged the managers. Looking at processes, rather than placing blame, helped the team come to solutions and make plans for moving forward. By the end of four days, the team had resolved to pursue the following projects:

1. Improve the purchase order routing system.

2. Implement training for all employees to improve efficiencies, decrease scrap and rework, and increase quality.

3. Create a checklist for the set-up process – to insure accuracy.

Industry: Precision computer numeric control (CNC) machining services.

Since 1979, Latva Machine Inc. (Latva), has been providing quality CNC machined components, prototype machining and micro-machining services for a broad spectrum of industries including the aerospace, medical, military and firearms sectors. Business Challenge When Latva nearly doubled in size, growth created new challenges such as tracking projects’ progress, continued production at the highest quality parameters with minimal senior executive involvement, and increasing profits as production increased. Solution Latva drew on the expertise of Whit Mitchell and Ron Price (Price Associates) to take senior leadership take through a series of insightful interactions focused on implementing total quality management (TQM).


• Streamlined inspection process

• A 90% efficiency rate resulting in extremely low scrap rate (1.4%)  

• $400,000 cost savings • Positive morale and confident, high-quality workers

• An 8.5% increase in profit Total Quality Management Case Study Latva Machine, Inc Sustaining Growth in Tough Times Total Quality Management

“The management TQM training sessions Ron Price and Whit Mitchell provided left our people buzzing with excitement. They were very eager to get started. Unlocking people’s hidden potential is what it’s all about.” — Mitch Latva, President, Latva 4.

Establish a process giving operators enough information to produce an accurate first piece for inspectors, reducing production delays and rework. Energized by these initiatives, the team returned to work enthusiastic about implementing their projects. Commitment amidst challenge brings positive change. Management’s enthusiasm did not necessarily transfer to operators and staff. Many were hesitant to embrace change when things seemed to be going fine. However, as employees saw management’s willingness to be the first to change and their commitment to everyone’s success, most joined the movement. About this time, the nation’s economy began a downward spiral. The temptation was to drop everything and panic. But the Latva organization held on to their TQM vision and continued to implement their projects. Short- and Long-term Results In less than a year, Latva was experiencing transformation and defying the economic downturn.

A recent review of the year tallied these results:

• Streamlined inspection process creating fewer work interruptions.

• A 90% efficiency rate resulting in extremely low scrap rate (1.4%) and significantly fewer returns and reworks.

• Approximately $400,000 in savings across the board. • Clarity in direction and expectations.

• Positive morale and confident, high-quality workers. • An 8.5% increase in profit margin.

• Development of a new Human Resources department.

• Empowerment.

When top leadership is away, the company continues to produce at the same level of efficiency and quality. The greatest accomplishment in this process, especially in the face of current global economic collapse, is that Latva, as an entire organization, is working with confidence in both their product and their future.

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Buzzing with excitement

Mitch Latva, Latva Machine Inc.

The management training sessions provided by [Whit] left our people buzzing with excitement. They were very enthusiastic about what they had learned and were eager to get started. Unlocking people’s hidden potential is what it's all about.

Very helpful

Marc Donati, SVP

Whit, I wanted to thank you…in regards to the Tuck program last year. At the start I was very uncomfortable with the process because of the in depth exposure of my personal management style. The mirror I was forced to look through by the way of the 360 evaluation process was eye opening and frankly painful at times. Your insight in how to read the data and take the emotion out of the information my; directs, peers and customers provided was very helpful….

Incredible value

Edward Redpath, Owner, Coldwell Banker

Whit Mitchell! Wow, what an incredible value Whit has been to Coldwell Banker Redpath & Co's agents and staff. Over the course of the past ten years Whit has given numerous presentations to our entire office, has gone one on one with most all my agents to help improve their communication and relationship skills and has spent hours working with me and my managers focusing on our leadership capabilities. Regardless of the venue Whit's presentation is warm, friendly, direct, clear, concise and produces a great value for time spent. Across the board, every single agent and staff member has commented that Whit Mitchell's seminars, meetings and presentations are some of the best we have ever held. And, those comments continue well beyond any presentation date. As a matter of fact, I still get feed back from agents five to six years after our company wide gathering.

The touch of the master

John Butler, Executive Chairman, Odyssey Transform

Whit Mitchell speaks from the heart because he is in a permanent state of learning and personal growth. His core beliefs and integrity are matched by expertise and experience that very few in the world can match. He is the supreme professional speaker and consultant. His high value content speeches are mixed beautifully with a sense of humor and storytelling that capture the imagination of his audience in a remarkable way. He truly has the touch of the master. A few months ago in Phoenix Arizona he captured a magic moment on change management for an audience I was honored to be in.

Significant impact

Errik B. Anderson, Chief Operating Officer, Adimab

…and thank you for all you’ve done for Adimab so far. You’ve really made a significant impact on our team and have helped us transition through what could have been a very damaging issue.

A catalyst

Denise Watson, SVP, Global Compensation & Benefits

Whit was a catalyst to help our team break down walls that were limiting employee engagement and collaboration. His guidance, style and process led our employees to take personal and professional accountability for improving relationships and ultimately workplace productivity. Utilizing his coaching expertise, we have been able to create a culture of better teamwork and thus drive for better business results.